{TB Talks TV} Here’s What You’ve Missed In Summer TV (So Far)


We know that life can get hectic and you don’t always have the time to keep up with the important things…like TV. That’s why has put together a list of the show premieres you may have missed but still have time to catch up on!

Now, it’s in your hands. Get watching.

Playing House – USA, premiered April 29

Best friends Maggie and Emma have shared everything growing up together. Now, they’ll face one of their biggest experiences together – raising a baby.

Catch it: Tues., 10pm or on Hulu

24: Live Another Day – Fox, premiered May 5

Four years ago, Jack was a fugitive from justice. Now in exile, he nevertheless is willing to risk his life and freedom to avert yet another global disaster.

Catch it: Mon., 9pm or on Hulu and Fox.com

Louie – FX, premiered May 5

series centering around comic Louie C.K.’s hectic life, balancing being a stand up comedian and single father.

Catch it: Mon., 10pm or on Hulu and FX.com with participating TV providers

In the Flesh – BBC America, premiered May 8

The government rehabilitates the undead back into society four years after the Rising. Kieren Walker, a teenager suffering from Partially Deceased Syndrome, returns to his small village and has to face is own demons and a hostile reception.

Catch it: Sun., 11pm or on Amazon Prime

Penny Dreadful – Showtime, premiered May 11

Former ‘Bond’ Timothy Dalton and teen heartthrob Josh Hartnett star in the horror series that centers on a range of familiar characters including Dr. Frankenstein and Dorian Grey.

Catch it: Sun., 10pm or on showtimeanytime.com

Gang Related – Fox, premiered May 22

“Lost” alum Terry O’Quinn stars in the action drama about Ryan Lopez, a gang member who infiltrates the LAPD Gang Task Force and is torn between his allegiances.

Catch it: Thurs., 9pm or on Hulu

Hit the Floor – VH1, premiered May 26

Follows rookie ‘Devil Girl’ Asha Hayes and her efforts at making a name for herself on the cheerleading/dance team for professional basketball team the Los Angeles Devils in a world filled with lies, secrets, temptation, and sketchy behavior.

Catch it: Mon., 9pm or on vh1.com

The Night Shift – NBC, premiered May 27

The medical drama follows the nighttime staff of the bustling San Antonio Memorial Hospital as they work to save their patients while dealing with their personal demons.

Catch it: Tues., 10pm or Hulu and nbc.com

The Haves and the Have Nots – OWN, premiered May 27

This drama created by Tyler Perry follows the rich and powerful Cryer family, the hired help, and their complicated dynamic in Savannah, Georgia.

Catch it: Tues., 9pm or, well, nowhere else

Motive – ABC, premiered May 28

A homicide detective tracks down killers by figuring out the motives behind their crimes.

Catch it: Wed., 11pm or Hulu and abc.com

Rogue – DirecTV, premiered May 28

A former undercover cop and mother is thrust back into the undercover world when her operative goes missing.

Catch it: DirectTV or directv.com with participating TV providers

Undateable – NBC, premiered May 29

This multi-cam comedy centers on the bromance between Justin and Danny, two loveable losers who bond over their lack of game with women.

Catch it: Thurs., 9pm or nbc.com

Crossbones – NBC, premiered May 30

Series about the life of pirate Edward “Blackbeard” Teach as he reigns over a rogue nation of thieves, outlaws and corrupt sailors.

Catch it: Fri., 10pm or nbc.com

Derek – Netflix, premiered May 30

A mockumentary style show about a nursing home caretaker named Derek, his co-workers, and their struggle to properly care for their elderly residents due to prejudice and shrinking budgets.

Catch it: Netflix

Halt and Catch Fire – AMC, premiered June 1

A period drama set in the early 80s that follows a group of electronics pioneers as they navigate the rise of the personal computer, walking a fine line between cloning and inventing.

Catch it: Sun., 10pm or amctv.com


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