{TB Talks TV} Let’s All Be Thankful for These Thanksgiving Episodes


by: Tracking Board Staff

Every show in existence has had a Christmas special, it seems, but the Thanksgiving episode is too often overlooked. Any show with a really good ensemble can do a really good Thanksgiving episode; just gather the characters together, throw in a few turkey-related mishaps, and end on a high note. Some shows, though, really go the extra mile. Since we can’t be with you to enjoy the pumpkin pie, the holiday atmosphere, and Uncle Mike’s drunken rant, we thought we’d share clips from some of our favorite Thanksgiving episodes of all time. Forget the football game; this is what’s really important.

– “Slapsgiving”

– “The One With the Rumor” & “The One With Chandler in a Box”

– “Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving”

– “Giblets for Murray”

– “Shibboleth” & “The Indians in the Lobby”

— “Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations”



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