{TB TALKS TV} Murder In the First Review: “The City of Sisterly Love”


By: Amanda Everest
, Contributor

After last week’s intriguing pilot episode of , there were high hopes going into episode two of the TNT show. While the show has continued its mystery and intrigue, it has left this week’s episode with more questions and not enough answers, leaving it confusing and unfocused.

In a cemetery on a high hill overlooking San Francisco, Terry English is laying his wife to rest. His sister-in-law speaks about her sister before Terry steps up to talk about the love of his life. Meanwhile, in another part of the city, San Francisco’s Medical Examiner is conducting an autopsy on the body of Cindy Strauss, the flight attendant found dead at the end of the previous episode. He declares the death a homicide, though after further review of the damage to her body, declares it a double homicide – she was two months pregnant.

Jackie Perez, the city’s District Attorney, is briefing members of the press about the city’s crime rate and the case of Cindy Strauss. Terry and Hildy are watching it live at the SFPD offices, not enjoying it one bit. They begin to talk about a case involving a Chris Walton, a man who is awaiting trial for a murder. We then meet Chris Walton, whose court appointed attorney shows up and relays the deal offered to him by the city. Walton states that he needs to think about it and the attorney leaves. Later on Walton accepts the deal, much to the surprise of Terry and Hildy, who are dismissed by the city attorney from the day’s court date.

Terry and Hildy visit the pilot, who’s sick with a cold, and ask him about the events leading up to Cindy’s death. He mentions that Erich had been in a foul mood and Cindy accidentally spilled wine on him during turbulence. He went crazy and yelled at her before throwing his shirt at her and firing Cindy. The pilot knew something was wrong when Cindy didn’t show up the next day at the airport for a scheduled flight; she had always been a model employee.

Erich’s lawyer sets up a meeting with the best criminal attorney around and, against Erich’s wishes, they meet with him. After listening to the lawyers for a split second then expressing his issues, that he won’t hire a lawyer, as it sends the wrong message, Erich storms out of the office. He then shows up at the San Francisco Police Department on his own will stating that he wants to help the police as much as possible. After picking and choosing the questions he answers, Erich calmly and quietly threatens that he will drag the SFPD through the mud with his resources and money, essentially putting the entire force on trial and ruining their lives.

Terry, Hildy, and the rest of the team bring the DA up-to-date with everything they have. The DA instructs them to do whatever it takes to get Blunt’s DNA to compare it to the samples they have from Cindy’s body. Meanwhile, Hildy gets a phone call that prompts her to get all dressed up and find a sitter for her daughter. She arrives at a restaurant and is sitting alone at a table when Erich Blunt comes up behind her; he was the one on the phone and had asked her on a date. As he walks her back to her car, she kisses him before saying goodnight. As she walks away from him, she discreetly pulls out an evidence container and spits her gum out into it; she has his DNA.

TNT’s “Murder In The First” still captures that intrigue and mystery that it created so well in the first episode and still leaves the viewer wanting to know more about this story. More secrets are starting to be revealed and, while some seem like trivial pieces of information, others are key pieces to a puzzle that is slowly coming together.

However, this episode moved much slower than the pilot episode right up until the last ten or fifteen minutes. There were also characters who were introduced, ones that came out of nowhere, who didn’t seem to have anything to do with the current story and showed no link to anything they’ve mentioned before. It was confusing and drew my attention away from the story that was playing out on the screen; instead I was trying to figure out what the character had to do with this story.

There were more questions that were brought up during this episode that gave no indication of being answered any time soon; we can only hope that they’ll be answered as the story continues to unravel during the season. There wasn’t anything distinct about this episode until the last fifteen minutes and all around was a bit boring and unorganized. Let’s hope that more questions are answered next week and more of the story is brought to light.


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