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Tweetable Takeaway: It’s an all singing, all dancing search for Jamie on #Outlander. 

Airtime: Saturdays at 9pm on Starz

By: Jeff Iblings, Contributor

This week deals with the fallout of the ambush Jamie and The Watch fell into in this episode of . There’s a lot going on in this episode, but much of it is a set up for next week’s installment. I’m by no means saying this is a filler episode. It’s not.

After the ambush we get to see Claire and Jenny really step up and do what the men in their life are unable to do, take action. I like Jenny more and more as each episode goes by, and we get to see another side of her this week. She’s every bit as badass as her brother. She joins Claire to find Jamie with a pistol tucked in both the front and back of her dress, and Jenny has tracking skills that are as good as it gets. This search, or hunt for Jamie the women are on, really galvanizes the bond between these two.

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There’s a scene during their search which I found to be really touching. It’s something that isn’t really handled in television, but the way it’s dealt with is refreshing. Jenny tells Claire she has to stop because she’s about to burst. Claire thinks she has to pee, but is surprised to find Jenny squeezing breast milk out into a cup. Jenny does this in a no nonsense fashion, the scene really drives home for Claire how much Jenny has at stake if things go sour. She has a new child, a husband, and land and tenants which could all be taken away by the British if these women get in trouble.

When the women catch up to the British, Jamie is nowhere to be seen. They notice a courier leave camp so they follow him. They catch the soldier in a brilliant trap, and try to get information about Jamie from him. It doesn’t take much for Claire and Jenny to really turn full outlaw, and Jenny takes the lead when he refuses to answer any of their questions. She tortures him with a hot ramrod, burning his feet, and is about to burn his balls when they realize he has a dispatch in his pouch that may shed light on Jamie’s plight. He’s escaped, and the dispatch is to let the Army know so they can catch him. If the ladies burn the dispatch no one will ever know, right?

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But here’s where things get real for Claire. The courier has to die so that both of them do not get in trouble, and also so that no other messages about Jamie go out. Claire and Jenny find themselves at odds about his death though, and it appears Claire doesn’t want to kill him. There’s a small argument, but it’s squashed when Murtagh shows up and does the deed himself. Murtagh is there to help Claire with the search and allow Jenny to return home to her child and Ian.

This episode takes a strange detour during the second half of the episode. It becomes a travelling show featuring Claire and Murtagh. At first she plies her trade as a healer to gain renown in hopes Jamie will hear about her and come find them. Eventually she sings a bawdy Scottish song dressed in men’s clothes while Murtagh does terrible dancing. We learn a lot about Murtagh, which is nice. He could have married Jamie’s mother, he loved her, but Jamie’s father stole her away. It was Murtagh who gave her the carved tusk bracelets, and he’s as protective of Jamie as if her were his father. There’s another side story with a band of Gypsies that steal their show, but it all eventual leads to word arriving to meet Jamie at a certain location.

We’ve known that Dougal is a dirty son of a bitch who can’t be trusted, and it’s his ugly mug Claire is greeted with instead of Jamie’s. Jamie was captured when trying to attend one of the singing shows, and is to be hung at Wentworth Prison. Instead of offering his help in rescuing Jamie, he tries to push her to let Jamie go and marry him instead. He offers to protect her from Blackjack, it’s what Jamie would want, but really he just wants to take over the Frasier lands. Never mind that Geillis and his unborn child have recently been burned at the stake, he’s scheming for a new bride and the power that will come with it.

He tells Claire there are ten men under his command, and if she can convince any of them to go with her he won’t stop them. She agrees that if she can’t save Jamie, she’ll marry him. Though the thought of it disgusts her, she doesn’t see any other options. Only three of his men join them, which leaves the daunting task of five people against a garrisoned prison.

More thoughts:

  • Jenny is awesome. She’s badass, can take care of business, and there’s a real love growing between herself and Claire. At this point I think they’d do anything for each other.
  • Murtagh hasn’t been around for a while, so it was nice to have him back. The back-story really opens up his character, and shows a motivation for his loyalty to Jamie.
  • I think this may be the only episode of the entire series where we haven’t seen Jamie at all.
  • Dougal is a crafty and scheming bastard. In the back of my mind I always hope he’ll prove himself to be a good person, but the more we get to know him, the more it seems like he isn’t. He’s tried to proposition Claire once before, and now his lust and ambitions have meet up to offer her this really inconsiderate and gross proposal of marriage. He can’t be bothered to rescue Jamie, and his motivations for having Jamie under his thumb for years finally come to light.
  • I loved that Willy was the only person who agreed to help Claire rescue Jamie, which shamed the other two buffoons into coming along as well. I don’t see how the five of them are going to break into the prison to rescue Jamie, but I hope everything comes off without a hitch. Knowing Outlander though, I’m guessing there’ll be a pretty big hitch.


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