{TB Talks TV} Scandal Recap: “Like Father Like Daughter”


Tweetable Takeaway: “I do not care if you have to take America to DEFCON 1. I just saw the DIRTIEST sex tape I have ever seen in my life and it stars his teenage daughter.”

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This week, we learn what an “Eiffel Tower” is on . The plot of this week’s episode centers on the First Daughter and her “trip” to Paris. Karen, while away at boarding school decides to give her Secret Service detail the slip and head to a party #swagapalloza where she got drunk, smoked marijuana, injected herself with something that felt good, and partook in the creation of a sex tape, with two boys, as they performed the “Eiffel Tower.”  You can picture what that is, without me going into detail, right? Three kids…Eiffel Tower….nevermind. So, finding herself drunk, half-naked, and hurling all over the place, she calls the only one who can help her out of the situation, Olivia Pope. Liv goes over and has Huck shut down all the cell at the party to avoid any social media posts of a drunken First Daughter. She’s worried about tweets and Facebook posts of Karen being drunk until she sees the DIRTIEST sex tape that she has ever seen in her life sent to Karen’s cell phone. (Makes you wonder what else is on that sex tape…) She makes a call to Cyrus to wake the ’s a** up and we now trot into sex tape territory as the plot around this week’s episode.

Here’s what happened…

1. Rowen AKA Papa Pope is determined to destroy Jake

Jake and Rowen AKA Papa Pope were involved in a confrontation in Episode 3 and it’s now an all out war between the two of them. “When I say bring me the head of John the Baptist, I expect the head of John the Baptist.” He sends his henchman, Agent Larsen, to eliminate Jake. Jake is working diligently to take down Command and B613

2. Karen takes a trip to “Paris”

While dealing with Karen’s trip to “Paris”, Fitz and Liv finally has the awkward talk. “Where did you go? You just took off for two months all alone…?” Liv responds with “I…I did. I needed some time alone. After everything, I just needed to be alone.” Apparently, Fitz doesn’t need to know the truth…yet.

3. Smelly Melly

Mellie sees Liv in the White House and storms into the Oval Office and demands to know why she’s there. Fitz’s response? “I have dealt with drunk Mellie, bad hygiene Mellie, no wait, smelly Mellie. I have dealt with drunk Mellie, smelly Mellie, screw everything to hell Mellie, and crybaby Mellie, and eat everything that’s not nailed down Mellie and I have not complained. Fitz put Mellie in her place when it comes to Liv. He tells her that Liv has been crucial in helping handle their daughter’s sex tape. Well, Mellie isn’t going to fight right back. “A sex tape? She takes after her daddy then, doesn’t she?” #burn

4.Black-Mailing the White House

Liv and her team tracks down the boy who made the tape. The parents of the boy, the Morgans decides that they want to blackmail the for 2.5 million dollars. Greed isn’t dead.

5. I Didn’t Go Away Alone

Liv goes to consult with Fitz about the money and she suggests they pay. In this moment, he chooses to take the focus on him again, talking about himself and how he’s failed. How to better boost his own ego then to try and seduce Liv so he could feel like a man at his lowest point? He grabs Liv around the waist and pull her to him. “…didn’t you miss me, even a little?” Just kiss and get it over with! They finally kiss but Liv pulls away because she has a surprise for him. “I didn’t go away alone…I went with Jake” and with 4 words, Olivia Pope crushed the ego of the of the United States.

6. It’s Handled

Fitz orders Liv to pay the Morgans. Olivia goes to the Morgans to seal the deal. Like all opportunist, they got greedy and ask for 3 Million. Olivia Pope doesn’t get blackmailed by anyone. She shuts them down by doing what Olivia Pop does best. She handles it! That is being Pope-ed at it’s finest!

7. No High-Fives For The First Daughter

Mille bonds with her daughter and her advice? “If you were a boy, they would’ve given you high fives. But you’re not, so your knees are gonna have to stay together.” No truer words have been said by any other mother.

8. Getting Satisfaction

Jake tries to expose Rowen but he was beaten to the punch. With Fitz’s backing, Rowen pressured Agent Larsen to name Jake as the person that ordered him to kill Fitz’s son. With that, Jake is framed and put away. Fitz got his “killer” and gets to punish Jake for being with Liv. Satisfaction for Fitz?


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