{TB TALKS TV} Scandal Review: “Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia”


Tweetable Takeaway: In the first two minutes of “Scandal,” the scene between Jake and Olivia was so hot that we don’t want Jake to stop either.

Airtime: Thursday at 9pm on ABC

As the season premier of began, we finally find out where Olivia went on that plane. Turns out she’s on an island, 100 miles off Zanzibar, relaxing on the beach, “Gone Girl”, drinking wine, and apparently having a LOT of sex with Jake! Not a bad way to “retire” from the political and corrupt world of D.C. All of this is short lived. I mean what would we do if Olivia Pope really decided to stay on an island? Hiding out as Julia Baker, she receives a letter with a news story that Harrison has been killed and without hesitation, she leaves paradise with Jake in tow and head back to DC to plan Harrison’s funeral.

Turns out, who actually tracked down Liv was Quinn, the B613 spy protégé of Huck’s, who used to be little miss sunshine, now trained killer, the only one left at Pope & Associates, apparently lost without her gladiator family, doing the best to keep tabs, and bring everyone back together. Since Liv’s departure, it was every man or woman for themselves. Huck, now Randy the IT guy, is working at a Apple-esque store, where he tries to be normal, not feel, and refuses to hope unless Olivia is back in DC for good. Liberal Abby is the new White House press secretary working for a Republican president, no longer with David because David had been obsessing over the B613 files Jake stole and gave him that he wasn’t there for Abby in her time of need.

“Don’t stop…”

Meanwhile, Cyrus is still working on Fitz’s re-election campaign, Portia De Rossi is now the RNC Chairwoman, but Mellie has lost it. She walks into the Oval Office, eating dry cereal and wearing her pajamas, a robe, and bringing back Uggs as a fashion statement. When Fitz asks her if she’s getting dressed today, she tells him, “It’s only day two for this shirt…and these panties came straight from the dryer.” What is happening here?

Everyone finds out that Olivia is back and no one is happy about it. They don’t believe that she’s just there to pay tribute to Harrison and plan his funeral. She keeps telling everyone that’s really it! Why won’t anyone believe her? Well, because we all know, you can take the girl out of Washington, but you can’t take Washington out of the girl. We’re just waiting for her to realize that.

Of course, as soon as she’s back, she gets a knock on the door from a political scandal that forces her to be pulled back into the dirty politics of Washington. A female Senator whom wants a vote to help pass an equal pay law sends in her innocent staffer to help sway the Senator, who ends up getting raped. How can Olivia walk away from a case like this and just go back to life on a remote island with Jake and leave all this behind her? If she can’t, I sure can!

The bigger question is, can she leave Fitz alone, now that she’s here? Jake doesn’t think so. The only man that can leave Olivia speechless, he tells her, “It’s not my turn anymore. It’s his (Fitz’s) turn…Despite the fact that I’m the one you like to ride. That I’m the one that makes you moan. That I’m the one who reaches you in places that he can’t begin to touch. Isn’t that right?” OMG, did he just say what I think he said? Is he “bigger” than the POTUS?

Now for the actual reason why Olivia came back in the first place, Harrison’s funeral. First there’s only her and Quinn attending the funeral. Quinn comments that no one’s there. Olivia explains Harrison didn’t have anyone except them. Huck shows up, then Abby. They all put their differences aside to say goodbye to Harrison. It was a sweet moment as they pay their respects, but soon after, they leave one by one with only Olivia and Jake left. Jake comforts Olivia but sees her father in the distance, watching. Why is her father watching?

Once the funeral’s over, Jake discusses plans to go back to paradise. We know that’s not going to happen. Of course, Olivia takes on the case, goes on the news, and do what she does best, spin the story for the senator’s staffer, fight for women’s rights, and makes it into a power move that helps pass an equal pay bill.

She’s back and never missed a step!

We all knew it was going to happen. Mellie tells Fitz that when he’s back with Olivia just to tell her. He insists that he is not going to be with her. She insists that he will.

The show closes on Olivia walking past Fitz they maybe, almost, not quite touch fingers? Olivia gives a look of satisfaction as she walks away. Is it over?!?!


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