{TB Talks TV} “Sherlock” Will Have an Undoubtedly Stylish Christmas Special



, everyone’s favorite modern-day Holmes series (unless you’re an “Elementary” fan), will be back for a Christmas special, shooting in January of 2015 (and presumably airing that December). The show has also officially been picked up for a fourth three-episode series, to air at an as-yet-undetermined date. “Sherlock,” created by and , stars as Holmes and as John Watson.

No word yet on what the plot of the Christmas special will be. three ended on a pretty big reveal (we’ll leave out the details, to spare the spoilerphobic), but who’s to say the special will even take place chronologically after the previous episode? It could fill in one of the Christmases that passed while Sherlock was pretending to be dead, or go back to John and Sherlock’s first Christmas in 221B, or any number of other workarounds to prevent fans from actually getting answers within the next two years.

No, I think there are really only three safe predictions to be made for the “Sherlock” Christmas special: One, no one will die; two, by the end of the episode, there will be snow on the ground; and three, the whole thing will look really cool.



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