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Tweetable Takeaway: Thomas Jefferson has been waiting a long time to speak to Abbie and Ichabod below Sleepy Hollow.

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Bless the writers this week! This was the best episode of the season! I write this while still riding on the high of a really great episode, but I’m confident about this one – they got a lot of things right this week. There’s barely a whisper of Katrina, Jenny got to show off her smarts, and there was a ton of prime Witnesses bonding. Terrific!

First off, can we talk about Ichabod and Abbie taking field trips? How cute is this? While I worry a little that Abbie maybe doesn’t actually work at the police station anymore (when does she have time for her normal ?), I’m happy to see her spending her free time education Ichabod about the 21st century and hearing him splutter about it. ‘Instant-gram’ was a particularly inspired Ichabod sound-bite this week. They sneak in some real talk while they stroll on the deck. Ichabod recounts that it isn’t always pleasant to have photographic memory and Abbie reminds him of the sacrifices people make to keep their country safe. It’s a nice segue to talk about how long they’re in this for – seven years, if the Bible is to be believed. Yes, please give me seven seasons. I’m in this for the long haul too.

For the first time in a while, we were given a really strong theme that could apply to the overarching story. There were tons of military references: Abbie remembers pestering Corbin for details about his military , Calvin refers to the missing person situation as a lost combat battalion, and Jefferson talks about war as well. It really brought the focus back on Ichabod and Abbie, our Witnesses, as opposed to all the secondary characters we’ve been exploring this season. I felt triumphant but scared for them, and it was the first true emotions I’ve felt in relation to Sleepy Hollow in a while.

We got some prime Jenny action this episode too! I’ve been bummed that the writers haven’t taken full advantage of Jenny’s character. She basically grew up in a mental asylum, her sister betrayed her for years, she has a massive knowledge of how the world works and the black markets, etc. She’s a really badass character that’s been relegated to the side while The Cranes try to sort through their feelings. I was super pleased when they gave her some smarts again this episode. She notices that something is really wrong with Frank and tries to take him down while being betrayed. It was a fist-pump moment for her and I hope they continue making her a badass.

There’s Frank messing with my mind again, too. Abbie tells Ichabod that they’re fighting evil without an endgame and they don’t know who their enemy is anymore. Frank embodies that for me. I don’t know what to believe at this point. I feel like I should be smacking myself because I complained about Katrina having wishy-washy grey moral area motivations and how much it annoyed me. Frank is doing the same thing and I should analyze why I don’t mind it as much from him. Perhaps because Frank has more of a sympathetic backstory – he earned the respect and the sadness that comes with his character. He’s gotten a really raw deal, so now I’m conflicted about his direction – is he good or bad? Is he betraying one or the other team? It’s good writing, which I’m not sure how they managed to make his morality interesting and Katrina’s so abysmally boring. Perhaps because she’s doing what she does for selfish reasons and Frank doesn’t have a soul because he was protecting his family.


Another reason to love this episode was that there was barely any Katrina! That’s right – Abbie decoded those witch symbols by herself! Apparently Katrina was napping at the cabin the whole time Ichabod and Abbie were below ground fighting demons and meeting another of Ichabod’s President Posse. If you ever need a reminder of how batshit crazy this show can get, President Jefferson is literally a hologram. He’s been camping out in a freaky witch box for 200 years holding every bit of knowledge that the Witnesses would need to win the war. Of course, it’s going to be like the Library of Alexandria and ugh, all of that knowledge is lost. It would be too easy for our heroes, I know, but it could have given them a few more peaceful nights to know what some of those scrolls said. Anyway, this concept was SO NEAT, I really loved Jefferson and he said some of my favorite lines this season in regards to Ichabod and Abbie.

I got chills when Jefferson was addressing Abbie. It might be hard to believe someone who was a proponent of slavery could speak in terms of destiny to a young black woman, but I’m going to continue my suspension of disbelief to enjoy what he told her. “You, among all others, were chosen for this centuries ago, to win the war that we could not.” Wow. The idea that the knowledge couldn’t be accessed until Abbie got there, until they were a team, it warms my heart and it was damn fine writing. It means that Abbie and Ichabod have been destined to meet for thousands of years, that they’re part of a war the founding fathers were fighting in – they are important not only to each other, but to destiny itself. Pulling out of the story of the week and focusing on the really big picture, of exactly what Ichabod and Abbie are, it really reminded me of what makes this show so cool and all the potential it holds. It was really well done.

There was a nice bit about Ichabod actually being one of the founding fathers, but we already know Ichabod is pretty unique and he’s got the specialness all over him. He already knows this about himself because he’s literally a man out of time, and the audience sees it all the time with his odd mannerisms and his past being brought up every five minutes. What we don’t always see is how special Abbie is, how hard she’s fought her whole life, and just how important she is to the whole grand scheme. I really appreciate that the writers took time to point this out and remind us of how wonderful Abbie is too.


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