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Tweetable Takeaway: Suits faces huge changes that rattle more than the audience and make it one of the best premieres of the show.

Airtime: Wednesday at 9pm on USA

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Big things are happening at Pearson Specter Litt as the fifth season of returns. This show rarely disappoints in its drama and characterizations and this premiere, among ranking as one of the best, brings those elements that they’re so good at and elevates them to a different height. If you saw the episode last night, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you really should watch it.

At the end of last season we saw Donna telling Harvey Specter goodbye before announcing her intention to go work for Louis Litt. (Yeah. Okay. Sure.) Ends up she actually does it; not just for a few days either. She hands over her formal resignation and Harvey, not being one who takes these things well, immediately tells her to pack her stuff up and get out of his area. So off Donna goes to Louis Litt and she has to go through a mountain of hoops before he finally gets that she’s not leaving him to go back to Harvey. (And, really, that’s a whole other self-esteem issue that should be addressed at some point.)

Harvey Specter, however, doesn’t take any of this well, and this is where the show got so interesting. For the first time in, well, ever, Harvey has a problem that he can’t fix and can’t run away from. Before we get into it, though, let’s go back to the part where he was sitting in an office/home talking to a blonde woman who has having none of his shenanigans. As we go through his telling of the story it ends up that he left quite a lot out. We all knew that he wouldn’t believe that Donna had left him for good; after all, they’ve been through everything together. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t admit that she had and, as a result, started having panic attacks. I loved this storyline. For those people that have had them, anything can set them off, and the fact that the Harvey Specter, god among lawyers, couldn’t stop them or manage them was such a great direction for the character. We never really get to see his human side, only the fierce lawyer side, so to see this part of him totally out of control and out of his element was sobering to the character and to those around him. Harvey’s always taken care of himself and his own issues but he can’t this time-and even Jessica, who may have had an idea about his problems, knew though she didn’t say it. It just proves how this show and these writers continue to build on these characterizations and throw things their way while not ruining the integrity of it.

This episode was all about Harvey and Donna and them moving on with other people since it really was the breaking up of a relationship-just not a typical one. One of my favorite moments was at the end when Harvey asked for the list of replacements from Donna-while Louis was standing there- and trying to accept the situation. Honestly, we all know Harvey and he will probably screw up more than we can count, but with what’s happening to him and without anyone who knows him to confide in, I loved that he initiated that contact. I also loved that he recognized, albeit way later than he should have, Mike’s engagement and took him out to celebrate for it. That banter that has been a staple of those two characters returned after such  dramatic event and it was great to see them in that typical relationship again.

There’s no way that Harvey’s panic attacks are over, at least they shouldn’t be, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he deals with them. As we saw in this episode, it caused him to fail a client, and that was difficult to Harvey because he doesn’t fail. I think one of the big questions going forward in this season is going to be does he learn from it, or does he continue to ignore these problems and allow it to spiral into a bigger issue?


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