{TB Talks TV} Suits Review: “Enough is Enough”


Tweetable Takeaway:Louis Litt finally gets his wish as a partner in a fiery and tension-filled new episode of Suits.

Airtime: Wednesdays at 10pm on USA

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After a longer-than-usual five month hiatus is back with new episodes and this show does not disappoint. Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey Specter, directed this electrically-charged episode full of power struggles, grudges, and breaking points. The directing in this episode brought out powerful and controlling emotional performances that were exceptional with the content of this episode.

The power struggles in this episode started right from the beginning as Louis Litt, now knowing Mike Ross’s secret, demands to be made partner in exchange for his silence. However, the vindictive man that Litt is when he’s been betrayed, goes back on his word by spilling the secret to Robert Zane, well-known attorney and father of Mike’s girlfriend, Rachel. By being made partner alongside Jessica Pearson and Harvey Specter, Louis is now ‘above everyone’ in his mind and sets out to make everyone’s life a living hell.

Starting, unfortunately, with the sweet and lovable Donna who he’s always considered a friend. At least, until he found out that she knew about Mike. So starts his hatred of Donna that seems to continue past this episode. He also decides that he’ll give Mike so much crap work that he’ll want to quit; when that doesn’t work, he decides to make Rachel’s life a living hell in order to get to Mike. When Harvey finds out about it he decides he’s had enough and goes to confront Louis, where Jessica walks in a few minutes later with her own solution.

But let’s go back to Harvey for a second. We all know that he’s not the biggest fan of Louis and his tactics so how is he handling this? Not. Well. At. All. Jessica tells him to suck it up and deal because he’s the one that got everyone into the mess in the first place. That being said, he refuses to lose Mike to this mess, and in turn he tells Mike the same thing; put up with everything Litt throws at him and deal with it. Mike does just that until Litt goes after Rachel and then he’s had it, though Louis doesn’t want to hear it. Jessica, however, gets to hear all about it from Mike when she tells him to stay late and draft up Litt’s partner contract. He finally goes off on her (which I was rather impressed with) saying that yes, he screwed up, but she could have fired him at any time and she didn’t so it’s also on her.

So how do they knock Louis Litt down a few notches? By Jessica adding something into his contract saying that he’s now a co-conspirator in a fraud by signing the contract, because she knows he won’t give up partner. Granted, he’s still a vindictive Napoleon, but maybe this will at least keep him at bay for awhile.

The episodes from the writers on Suits are always exciting and on point and this episode was no exception. The performances were outstanding and fully charged with major tension between all parties involved. I’m so glad Suits is back!


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