{TB Talks TV} Suits Review: “No Puedo Hacerlo”


Tweetable Takeaway: Mike goes head to head with Robert Zane and Louis Litt finally makes sense.

Airtime: Wednesdays at 9pm on USA

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Every once and awhile an episode will come along on television that ends up explaining so much about one character without ever touching on the actual character in question. did exactly that tonight with Louis Litt as his sister arrives at the firm needing legal expertise. From the minute it was known who she was Louis Litt became that guy that everyone knew. The one who was used to get to his sister too many times and learned the hard way in life that people can be fake.

Harvey Specter took on her case as Louis mentioned the word that always got to him: family, though we only found that out after he sweet talked her in the lobby. She’s getting a divorce and refuses to give the ex anything more than what they agreed on for her company (think Martha Stewart). Rachel featured prominently as Harvey’s associate and I loved their banter; it reminded me of Harvey and Mike towards the beginning when they were just finding their footing with each other.

It also took some harsh words from Donna this episode for Harvey to realize what he needed to do in his life with the important people. He thanked Donna for giving him twelve years of her and life, which ended up being a really great moment, and he asked Louis to fix the compensation issue that Louis has been bringing against him the past few episodes. We all know Harvey doesn’t thank people or ask favors so it was nice progress in his move forward in life.

Mike Ross, on the other hand, goes head to head with Robert Zane the entire episode and drags Jessica Pearson and Rachel Zane into it with him. I’ve always liked Mike because he knows what it’s like to lose family and how far he’d go to protect it and, and in a twist of events, ends up saving Robert Zane’s , not that it was smooth sailing. On more than one occasion through the episode the two men get in yelling matches over their current settlement case and it ends in Rachel defending her father, for once in her life. Of course, it all ends well, but I do love seeing that tension between them all given the situation they’re in.

I’m hoping we get back to Harvey trying to deal with his issues soon. It’s always fun to watch the high and mighty try to figure out their issues without throwing out at them. I’m also hoping Donna will factor in more because, let’s be honest: we all miss Donna and Harvey being around each other.


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