{TB Talks TV} Suits Review: “No Refills”


Tweetable Takeaway: Harvey’s panic attacks get worse as Mike takes on Robert Zane as a partner.

Airtime: Wednesdays at 9pm on USA

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Harvey Specter’s panic attacks came back this week on and I’m glad they did. In a world where so many writers drop the ball on their previous storylines it was nice to see this one continue on and show that the problem still isn’t solved and comes back at the worst times. It was great to see Harvey moving forward and showing progress in trying to prevent them but the more heartbreaking part was when he let his anger out at Donna on the therapist. He’s kept everything that he felt about that move inside and it was both heartbreaking and exciting to see him release those feelings finally.

Sadly, Harvey’s got other problems with a partner at the firm trying to come after everything he has because he’s Harvey Specter. I’m a little tired of this storyline since it happens every season and I’d like to see something else come after him. His panic attacks increasing, for example, would be an excellent villain against him. They can be debilitating and scary and those are two things that Harvey can’t deal with. It could make for an interesting struggle for him.

Meanwhile Gretchen, Harvey’s new assistant, has already won me over and it’s only been two episodes. The woman has sass like no other and this isn’t her first time at the rodeo. She’s already on the same page with Harvey and even three steps ahead of him in some cases. Granted, there will never be another Donna, but if he has to have someone else then Gretchen is perfect. I would love to know more about her backstory at some point in the future and I hope the show explores that.

I loved watching the power struggle between Robert Zane and Mike Ross and I hope we get to see more of how they work together amidst everyone else they’re connected to. This is really the first time that Mike has had to fight constantly for equal footing (he never had that with Jessica and it was automatic with Harvey) and I’m looking forward to seeing that as Rachel watches on. With the show having been renewed for a sixth season already it’ll also be interesting to see if it’s even resolved by the end of this season.


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