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By: Liz Hannah, Contributor

Recap: After realizing his would never get out from under the cloud that was his Harvey Specter, Mike left Pearson/Specter to join an investment firm whose representation was none other than his one-time mentor.

 is back with a vengeance. So, there are many things to discuss, including Jessica’s magnificent superhero cape. But, we’ll get there. This episode felt almost like an addendum to last year’s season finale. Instead of introducing a big bad (although we know the SCC and Rachel’s ex BF/Harvey’s client are breathing down our necks) it set up the showdown between Harvey and Mike that we’ve all been waiting for. Batman and Robin are about to go head to head on an even keel as they’ve always wanted. Mike is no longer the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks under Harvey’s watchful eye and Harvey is no longer afraid of what Mike’s maneuvers might cost him. It’s naive to not mention the blatant “Game of Thrones” reference tossed in halfway through has there is a serious devision of lines.

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Can we all take a moment and discuss Harvey’s hair? Because the coif de resistance of 2014 deserves some recognition. It’s truly a character in it’s own right. Moving on…

I think it’s important to mention that “Suits” is one of the few shows that has effectively broken the obvious premiere convention of every show. As an avid viewer, it’s only been a few months since I’ve been in Mike and Rachel’s lives but, in the scheme of things, their seasons are just as long as everyone else’s. The writers have devised a way of dividing their episodes accurately enough that we (the audience) only have just enough time to dwell on the past season before delving into the new. Unlike many other cable franchises that take more than 12 months to give us a new premiere, “Suits” is quick to the punch. With that said…here we go.

In true “Suits” fashion, we are brought back into the world of Harvey and Mike with a sexy montage – hip music and towels falling included. Surprise, Jessica was included here and, also, left a pop-culture riddled note for her mysterious lover. I’m pretty excited that I was able to note Casablanca in the quick cut though a little disheartened later when we harkened back on this a bit much but we’ll revisit this later. It’s been 3 months since we’ve seen Mike leave the firm and, though he’s been doing well, he hasn’t yet hit the “big fish” that Jonathan hoped he’d catch. Enter Gillis, a multimillionaire and a prospective client of Mike’s. The former protege cooks up a plan to get Gillis’ fortune and wants Harvey on board who, unfortunately, thinks it’s a terrible idea. Meanwhile, one of Harvey’s client’s has recently left his company to his son and (look out!) he wants the company Mike is going after. Enter drama: since Mike gives Harvey notice, and former has no option but to agree and let go of his services. I don’t really understand lawyer speak (actually a major issue in this episode) but I’ll go with it.

Therein, seemingly, lies the rub. Mike and Harvey are going head to head. Mike with his boyish and, almost, naive care for his clients…and Harvey who, although he pretends not to care, seems to have some Mike rubbed off on him. For his own part, Mike walks around in a 3-piece suit for most of the episode looking strikingly like his mentor.

Unfortunately, while this is happening, Louis Litt – the champion of the show, in my opinion – is sidelined. He seems to be setting up some coup regarding the SCC of it all, but we’ll just have to wait and see. I already miss the days of his mud baths.

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As it’s the season opening, it only seems right (ambitious?) to attempt to predict the upcoming turn of events. Louis, though in the background, seemed to forecast it perfectly: Pearson/Litt. Louis has never hidden his intentions of climbing the ladder – particularly over anyone in his way – and Harvey showed an almost insufferable soulfulness in this premiere. So is this what we should expect? Personally, I can only hope that we are some how leading to Specter/Litt and conjoined offices where the two battle it out while Donna sits in between and actually makes the better decision than either one of them. Sidebar: rumor has it that we are going to get a Donna-centric episode this season and I can only hope it is as satisfying as the episode last year that revealed the wine opener tradition.

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