{TB Talks TV} Suits Review: “Respect”


Tweetable Takeaway: Louis Litt continues on his rampage as the others pay for their secrets.

Airtime: Wednesdays at 10pm on USA

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Voices got loud on tonight as Louis continues his rampage on everyone at the firm and they decide they’ve had enough. After having been made a name partner at the firm, in addition to finding out the secrets kept by the partners and being made to sign an agreement about them, Louis continues to treat everyone like shit. He’s now going around the office demanding Harvey’s clients and using Mike’s secret as leverage. Donna helps him but, being Louis, he can’t see it and doesn’t want to.

Louis demands a client of Harvey’s and, pissed off about his attitude, Harvey fights back in a shouting match. Donna tries to help later by giving Louis the first client that Harvey got as a name partner-something that Louis jumps at the chance to do. In his quest to be the best and prove himself better than anyone else he prepares something for the client-something that doesn’t go over well and lands Louis in hot water. He goes to Rachel and, forcefully using his newfound status, bullies her into helping him find a way out. Rachel, being the class act that she is, helps him find a way out but lets him know in no uncertain terms that she’s helping him because she’s a professional and she’s damn good at what she does; not because he’s a jackass.

Harvey, on the other hand, is dealing with his own client issues. His former ethics professor at Harvard is in a bind and needs Harvey to help him. The thing is, Harvey can’t stand the man and the feeling is mutual. He’s accused of taking a bribe and Harvey initially refuses to help him out; that is, until Mike gives Harvey a lecture (talk about the tables turning) and Harvey realizes that he’s wrong. Here comes Mike’s chance to gloat like crazy that Harvey actually took his advice and listened to him. The banter between those two characters and the relationship they have is one of my favorite things about the show. It’s very unique and they pull it off so well.

However it’s not all sunshine and roses; Mike finds a flaw in the Professor’s story and Harvey calls him out on it and drops him as a client. Mike and Harvey eventually fix the situation but the professor figures out Mike’s secret. Elsewhere, Donna gives Louis the most epic lecture as he confronts her about the client of Harvey’s that she gave him after the client mentions that no one at the firm wanted to deal with her. Donna, however, won’t let him step over anyone and tells him to shut up and be a team player and help their own. Too bad it doesn’t hit home, considering he goes to Jeff Malone (Jessica Pearson’s boyfriend and fellow co-worker) and demands respect and a whole other bunch of bullshit.

I get that Louis is angry; really, I do. But enough is enough. Get over it and move on. Sadly, Louis Litt doesn’t work that way and I can only imagine the shit that’ll happen if he continues down this path. Next week’s episode is a flashback episode that focuses on Harvey and Louis. Maybe we’ll learn the root of their hatred towards each other so everyone can begin to move on. One can only hope.


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