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We know your summers are jam-packed with BBQs, beach trips, and pretending like you don’t have to go to work on Monday, but we also think you should find some time in your day planners for the new crop of shows that are coming out this summer.

In case you’re having trouble deciding which of the many summer premieres to watch, or just want a little guidance, TB Talks brings you the new shows premiering that we’re excited about:

Halt and Catch Fire (AMC, Sun., 10:00pm)

We know what the elephant in the room is with this show: it’s basically about some guys building computers.  Not necessarily the most action-packed hour of television AMC – home of “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead” – has ever had to offer.  (We’re pretty sure zombies won’t be building the computer chips.) But!  We’re hoping this drama about the personal computer pioneers of the 80s (you know, the people who allowed for this very post to happen) will find its feet and its audience.

Premiered June 1, 2014

The Last Ship (TNT, Sun., 9:00pm)

In the aftermath of a pandemic that has killed 80% of the world’s population, it falls to the crew of an unaffected Naval ship to try and find a cure to save humanity. Sounds legit. With Michael Bay on board to executive produce, expect to see some sweet action sequences, and with McSteamy actor Eric Dane starring, you’ll get your eye candy, too.

Premieres June 22, 2014

Girl Meets World (Disney, Fri., 8:30pm)

Let’s be honest: No one really cares about the girl in “Girl Meets World”—it’s all about her parents. Excitement has been ramping up as more and more cameos from original cast members have been announced. (Cory’s parents! Mr. Feeny! Shawn!) The trailers look worryingly Disney-fied, but the nostalgia is strong with this one (and honestly, the original show was hardly great art, especially in its first season), so we’ll keep being excited right up until it disappoints us.

Premieres June 27, 2014

The Leftovers (HBO, Sun., 10:00pm)

Justin Theroux stars in the Damon Lindelof drama series that takes place just after a global “rapture” and focuses on the lives of the people who were left behind. Coming from Lindelof seems appropriate: there’s a bit of a “LOST” mythology involved in the show. And “Doctor Who” fans will appreciate the return of Christopher Eccleston to the small screen. What more could you ask for?

Premieres June 29, 2014

Extant (CBS, Wed., 9:00pm)

This futuristic sci-fi thriller from Steven Spielberg kicks off with astronaut Halle Berry returning from a yearlong solo space mission inexplicably pregnant.  Not a lot of single guys in space.  With big names and an even bigger premise, CBS is looking for this show to be it’s “next big thing” and we’re tuning in to find out.

Premieres July 9, 2014

Welcome to Sweden (NBC, Thurs., 9:00pm)

Brother and sister duo Amy and Greg Poehler have created the comedy series that follows Bruce, an American who moves to Stockholm with his Swedish girlfriend and discovers that love can’t cure culture shock. The best part? It’s based on Greg’s real life exploits. Also, it’s already been renewed in Sweden for a second series…10 million Swedes can’t be wrong! Expect to see some pretty epic guest appearances, too, like Will Ferrell, Aubrey Plaza, and, of course, sis Amy.

Premieres July 10, 2014

The Strain (FX, Sun., 10:00pm)

Vampires and Guillermo del Toro. That’s really all we need to get us interested in this 13-episode horror drama. It doesn’t hurt that “LOST’s” Carlton Cuse is executive producing the series about a CDC scientist investigating a strange outbreak that has all the hallmarks of an ancient strain of vampirism.

Premieres July 13, 2014

Manhattan (WGN American, Sun., 10:00pm)

The tagline for WGN’s sophomore scripted series says it all: “Secrets destroy everything you love.”  In this drama, a self-destructive professor is commissioned to help lead the infamous Manhattan Project. Though it’s set during the race to build the first nuke, we expect this 13-episode series to be full of the kind of subtle, powerful, and intriguing interpersonal conflict that make shows like “Mad Men” so engaging to watch week after week.

Premieres July 27, 2014

The Knick (Cinemax, Fri., 10:00pm)

So what’s exciting about a run of the mill period medical drama following the staff of the Knickerbocker Hospital? Oh, I don’t know…Clive Owen? Oh, wait, how about Steven Soderbergh? Yeah, that’s right. Soderbergh is directing Clive Owen for the whole first season! And because it’s Cinemax, you know it’s going to push the boundaries. ‘Nuff said.

Premieres August 8, 2014

Outlander (Starz, Sat., 9:00pm)

Claire Randall is a married nurse from 1945 who is pulled back in time to 1743 where she is forced to marry a chivalrous and romantic Scottish warrior. Sounds just romance novel-y enough to be good…keep the tissues handy, though.

Premieres August 9, 2014

Legends (TNT, Wed., 9:00pm)

Look guys, it’s Sean Bean starring in a show about a deep cover FBI agent who can transform himself into a different person for every mission.  Let’s not kid ourselves that we’re all watching to see if Bean keeps his head through the first season.  But if he does die, we hope it cracks everyone’s lists of the Top 10 Sean Bean Deaths.  Good luck, man.

Premieres August 13, 2014

Happy watching!


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