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Two female prisoners are killed and four escape when a prisoner-transport van is ambushed. One of the escapees is a witness to the murder of Cat’s father. As Cat pursues the on-the-lam inmates, she comes closer to the truth about her father’s killer.

This week’s episode begins with our newest favorite duo drinking coffee and chatting about Kat’s mom, who hasn’t spoken to her in weeks apparently, but talks to Leo regularly. He worries that Kat’s mom is lonely, and he uses this opportunity to see if Kat is dating. She is. He teases her about his name, Reese, and the fact that he is a British man. Leo insists he needs to meet her new boyfriend, asking what is wrong with him. Do I sense a bit of jealousy?

Before they can go on, they come across a crime (of course). Kat gets in a shooting match, and the perpetraters escape. Leo grabs her, and another officer who was on scene is down.

Esposito says that one of the girls, Elinor Wilson (Ellie Wilson), was the only witness to Kat’s father’s murder. Kat is convinced it was a hit, and that the Capellas have something to do with it. And the plot thickens.

As they are investigating, Leo suggests that Kat’s mom should date the Captain. Kat is deeply disturbed, not wanting to hear about her mom’s dating life in any capacity. Once again, they get interrupted, as one of the escapees was found, dead. Kat hopes that it isn’t Elinor, and blames Leo for the escape, but he insists he was in the right, and tells Kat she should start worrying about things too, bringing up Kat’s mother again.

They get to the body. It’s not Elinor, it’s Alicia Dean, who was executed. They find out it’s Russian Mob. The girls who escaped are being hunted, and they need to find them before they are killed by members of the mob.

Leo and Kat visit the people they assume are members of the mob, who are undercover as surfers. Turns out they are wise cracking Russian “surfers” who Leo connects with. Kat, on the other hand, is having trouble believing their story, and naturally doesn’t trust them. I wouldn’t either! She states that she has never heard of a Russian surfer before, and they continue to make jokes, even though she is being completely serious.

They find another one of the girls, just as she is about to be killed. Leo gets stuck with the girl and the man who is trying to kill her, and he tries to knock him out, unsuccessfully. Leo ends up on the ground, after she kicks him pretty hard. Kat and the police meet them on the other end of the line, and they bring the girl in safely.

The hunt for Ellie: Kat is determined to find Ellie alive. They are following the trail, and Kat insists that she hasn’t given up anything to one of Ellie’s cellmates for information. Turns out that in exhange for the information about Ellie, Kat had to give up her underwear. That’s dedication to the !

Finally Kat’s mom gets in touch with her, and they talk about dating. Kat tells her she is going to set her up with someone so she can get dating again. She is going to set her up with the Captain, like Leo suggested, much to his liking. All the joking around by Leo gets him grounded to the cab. The girls that they were looking for run out and end up in Leo’s cab, which is proving to be a great way to catch witnesses, but once they see he is with the cops, they run, leaving Kat and Leo with nothing.

Back at the precinct, Kat ends up asking the Captain to take her mother out. He isn’t sure at first, although he says her mom is a knockout (something the ‘kids don’t say anymore’). Kat is trying to tell him what to wear, and we get a cute scene with them discussing what he should do for the date.

Back to the investigation – Leo is still grounded to the cab, but warned not to let anyone get away again. He sees the Russian surfers at their scene – always in the right place at the right time, and follows them into the building.

Kat has a chat with her ex-husband and his partner, talks to them about how they don’t have anything, and pulls her ex out of the room. She demands that his witness comes out of undercover, and wants to know why he is texting her, making him set up a meeting with Kat and their undercover witness, no matter what the danger is.

Kat leaves and sees Leo breaking into a car and pulls a gun on him. Turns out it is all for the good of the case, because he finds important information about the case.

We get to see a little of Leo’s undercover skills, as he goes as a Russian to find more information. Not so convincing, but it works, and they crack the case wide open.

Kat ends up spying on her mom, who’s on her date. Of course, Kat is, after all, a Detective. Not a great one, apparently, since her mom sees her spying.

The reveal: The Captain and her mom have been secretly dating already, so they feel better now that she has seen them on the date and they don’t have to hide anymore.

They finally find Ellie, and Kat asks her questions about the night her dad died. Ellie wants to be let go in exchange for the information, but Kat says she will let her go after a night without drugs. We find out a little more about her father’s murder, and it sounds like another cop was involved.

This episode brought the characters closer to finding out who killed Kat’s father, a case that started her as a cop, and it’s coming closer to a conclusion.

Tune in next Wednesday for a new episode!


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