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The Case: Three men are mysteriously killed, with evidence pointing to a female murderer. Leo fits the profile of the victims and goes undercover as bait to end the woman’s deadly rampage.

The Black Widow: The first man leaves a wife who was having twins, who is visibly distraught. Leo promises they will find the person who did this, and Kat tells him he cannot do that to the family of the victim.

Someone is after the ‘Brooklyn hunks’ – this victim was one of three, and it turns out they are all packing. Gym memberships, expensive watches, all of the men seemed to be keeping some sort of secret from their wives.

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One of the victims turns out to be an escort, where he probably met this ‘black widow’ – as Leo calls her. The key between all three victims is the Rolex that was given to them. They decide to set up a dating site, and send Leo to be the undercover “consultant” to try and find the black widow.

Leo cleans up good – he dresses up for his profile, and gets ready to take his glamor shot. He gets ready and ends up on Knights of Love. Now, they wait to see “if” he gets any hits. Kat thinks he is an acquired taste, obviously.

Meanwhile, while Leo waits for hits on his online dating page, Kat goes on a date. It isn’t going well and she ends up just leaving. Awkwardly.

Back at the precinct, they find a common woman between all three men, and send Leo in. He insists that tonight he isn’t a piece of meat, but Kat tell him that tonight he is.

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The “black widow” arrives – convertible and all, to pick up Leo. She drives fast. They find out who the vehicle is registered to, and it’s a billion dollar contractor – and his wife Jeanette is out to have some fun.

Back at the Black Widow’s house it seems like she is onto him. He tells her that this is his first time doing this – and she already knew that – and if you break the rules, apparently things get messy. She means business. She gives him a Rolex, and they know she’s the one.

Twist: Her husband comes out and she introduces him to Leo. What?

Her husband has a husband, and they are all aware of the website the wife is on. Turns out, everyone is in on the secret. Suddenly there are a lot of people involved and everyone knows what’s going on. Leo feels bad for the “black widow” now that he knows she’s staying with her husband. Leo tells her there is more to life, and she agrees, about the excitement and pleasure, but Leo believes she deserves better. He gives his real name to her, and she finds the wire.

Elsewhere, Esposito gets attacked and Leo does too.

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In the end, it turns out it wasn’t the black widow. It was all about escorts and congressmen. All of the men who slept with the apparent “black widow” were killed. The husband is the real killer, or at least involved somehow. After all of this, we find that the supposed black widow is innocent, and Leo was right.

So what did you think of this week’s episode?

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