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We learned a few things about detective Caitlyn Sullivan in this week’s episode of , one particular point being that she isn’t used to the club scene in , and her new partner is proving to be a lot more useful than we thought he would be – and may even be a good friend for her, too.

We start this week’s episode of “Taxi Brooklyn” with Caitlyn still on foot patrol after last week. Worried that she might be getting in too deep (again) in her father’s murder investigation, Captain Baker calls to check up on her, and we find out he has been sending patrol cars to watch her and make sure she is staying out of trouble. Nothing says “I am just trying to look out for you” like sending squad cars to watch her every move. As we go along, we are taken into an episode full of mystery, back stabbing, and betrayal.

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The Case

An acclaimed designer hires Cat to track down her missing son, who seems to continuously get himself into trouble, much to his ill mother’s concern. She believes he started to sober up, but his brother and sister-in-law seem to think otherwise. The investigation leads Cat and Leo down a rabbit hole of high-society secrets and lies. Eventually, the truth is revealed, and leaves us wondering if you can ever really trust anyone – including your family.

Partners in Crime

Once she is put on the case, Cat finds a way around being stuck on foot patrol by contacting her now trusty sidekick, Leo, to drive her around. He of course shows up in record time, and (Surprise!), Cat’s mom is hanging out in the back seat. He’s already becoming part of the family, apparently, when he isn’t driving around others, such as suspects in a robbery case in the back of his cab. Throughout the episode, we see Cat and Leo’s friendship grow, and at the end, when Leo is booked by I.C.E, the arresting officer being Cat’s ex-husband, I finally felt like these two had gained some much needed chemistry for this emerging show.

How it Fares

After an episode filled with action and intrigue, as well as a little heart, I found myself really caring about what was going to go on with Leo now that he has been arrested, and wanting to tune in to find out what will happen next week. One particular scene sticks out, and that’s when Cat and Leo go to a bar to scout out suspects. She gets drugged, and Leo has to take over the detective role for that time. Played for laughs – it was a symbolic transformation that works for their characters, and in the end, she swears she will get him out of jail – he is claustrophobic after all, and she knows how worried he is about going back.

Tune in next week for “Cherchez les Femmes.”


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