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We are back for another case with Cat and the crew on . Leo is sleeping (snooring) in the cab, and Cat is staked out with him. They are waiting for someone who is involved with the Capella’s, and are sitting in the cold to see what they can find. We find out that Leo used to play basketball, and he has got “moves” – will we see these moves later? He is doing it so he can get his son over to NYC – for 10 grand. So he has to win the game. A father will do anything for his son, apparently!

Someone comes out, and Cat shoots at them while they drive away on their motorbike. Leo has been getting good at these high speed chases, as he follows the bike, but not good enough – they lose the elusive biker.

“I think the victim is a perp” – Leo is starting to drive AND sound like a cop. He really fits in now.

So what does Mr. Mara do for a living? Drugs, apparently, which is probably how he gets in trouble.

Back at the precinct, Molly’s ex-husband’s lover wants to take her for lunch. This lady is a little crazy, but she says she just needs closure. At the same time, her mom tells her that she is going away with the captain, and that she has her license re-instated. A lot to happen in 5 minutes. But this means she doesn’t need Leo’s cab anymore. A sad moment that feels like goodbye. They shake hands and Leo leaves.

Cat leaves and sees her car – she’s “back,” but can she really be ok without her partner in crime?

I will say that this is the first time I have really felt some true chemistry between the two of them. Before it was playful banter, but they did a great of showing that they would miss this little partnership that they have had for the past few weeks.

Leo is practicing his game and sees his friend doing something that looks illegal, like drug dealing. He (lies) and says it’s money for rent.

A goodbye that was short lived – Cat’s car gets hit and its rear view mirror gets taken off. Even so, she still goes after their suspect, chasing him through garbage bins and otherwise. Leo shows up to the rescue, and says that his life is boring without the work (we all know he means without Cat.) Her car (the captain’s car) gets stuff thrown on it. It’s like the universe is throwing her and Leo together (go figure).

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Cat catches their Italian drug-dealing suspect. He admits that he isn’t a dealer, but he did do drugs. He says that he was trying to get his girlfriend clean, but it was too hard watching her go through withdraw, so he bought her the drugs. Cat lets him know that his girlfriend isn’t safe if the Capellas are involved.

And outside, Cat’s car gets hit. Again. The universe has a funny way of pushing people together, it seems.

At Leo’s game it seems like he is a stud on and off the court. Cat ends up coming to his game, and tells him that she needs him to follow her. She wants to find Mario’s girlfriend. He asks what happened to her car, and he sees the wreck it has become. Leo is back in business. She goes to her Uncle Leo to fix the car, in one day. He is going to do his best before the Captain gets back.

Mario is dead. Sad since all he wanted was to save his girlfriend. Leo tells Cat about his friend who had cash delivered by some motorcycle driver. They question this messenger, and he tells them that the people who delivered the packages were “shady Italians” – a lot like the Capella’s.

Leo figured that his friend is doing the game illegally and he forfeits, even though it means he cannot see his son. Leo puts Cat down as a new player, and she tells him that she will prove that she has game, and will help him out with his street basketball team, meaning he doesn’t need to forfeit after all.

They continue their search for Mario’s girlfriend. They find her in an apartment, and she tells them that she hid as soon as she found out about Mario. He took a as a middle man for the Capella’s for the money – 100,000 dollars, that he got from illegal activity and delivered for the Capella’s.

Back at the precinct, Cat finds out her father was a dirty cop. He was actually working with the Capella’s. She asks her ex-husband who killed him, and everything points to Lou Capella. She hits him in a rage of emotion.

They go after the messenger and Cat’s car ends up blown up. They find the messenger and head to the basketball game after a successful find.

Cat was right – she can bring a good game. She proves to be Leo’s lucky charm.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Were you surprised to find out Cat’s dad was a dirty cop?


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