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This week on , it looks like a case that has haunted Cat is dug up again after a girl is found dead in Prospect Park. She interrupts Leo, who is in the middle of what we might call a booty call, and he begrudgingly leaves after he hears how upset Cat sounds on the phone.

For the first time, she asks him to come with her to the crime scene, and he is shocked, but agrees after seeing how upset she is. The case of the Park Slopes stalker is re-opened, and I wonder why she is even allowed on the case if it upsets her as much as it seems to be. The victim, Amanda Pearson, ends up being the stalker’s wife. After leaving the scene, she gets pulled back by the Captain because she knows the case so well. She is uncertain at first, but ends up accepting after Leo helps her breathe through it.

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Cat asks Leo to stay with her 24 hours during this case. He at first declines because of expenses, but the Captain says the city will cover all of it. They go and sit on a bench in the park, and Cat talks about how the killer almost murdered her, and they realize they are being watched by someone on the bridge. As they are driving, a letter falls in the car – it’s from the stalker to Cat, saying “I killed her for you, Cat.”

Cat’s day doesn’t get any better after she is verbally attacked by an Italian woman in the precinct. She has no idea who she is, although the woman does mention Greg.

After interrogating the stalker’s brother, they believe that the brother may have had an affair. Cat convinces Leo that he needs to come with her into jail with her as she interrogates  and faces the stalker who held her captive for 48 hours. Leo and Cat “hold each others hands” through the process, as Leo is still feeling the effects from when he was last in jail. We can see why she wants someone with her when we meet the stalker, as he calls her his favorite, and we all get extremely freaked out by his character.

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They figure out that there is an online dating site for inmates, and Cat tells Greg that she met his Italian lover, and what happened in the precinct. Apparently women go crazy after they sleep with Greg, but never before (of course!).

As they do more research, they find out Amanda was helping her husband try and get revenge on Cat. They interview the brother again, but get nowhere. He tells them that Amanda was faithful to his brother, but Cat doesn’t believe it, until he tells Cat that Amanda was going to sue her for entrapment.

The serial killer leaves another message for Cat in her apartment, via his brother’s dead body, saying who will be next. The brother was trying to break into Cat’s apartment, but they find out he was dead before he hit the ground. The stalker’s brother and wife are now dead – who did it?

They end up going through Cat’s fan mail. One of them says that someone will kill for her, and if she doesn’t respond, she will be next. Cat is almost kicked off the case, and Leo is taking Cat home, and after a bit of a fit, that seemed somewhat out of character, she goes. Her mom ends up being at the apartment as well, and she refuses to let her leave and be part of the case, and they all have a dinner party with wine, trying to forget the incidents of the past day.

Leo comes up with a plan to take Cat back to the court room to see if she remembers who was there that day.

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Leo then wants Cat to kiss him for the case. Her fan enters the cab and pulls a gun on Leo after Cat goes to get mouthwash for the kiss. The disgruntled fan kidnaps Cat, leaving Leo behind, who of course follows them in his cab and gets stuck in traffic (in true New York style). Leo gets to Cat’s kidnappers house and sees a shrine to Cat. He finds Cat and gets stabbed. Cat’s number one fan ends up killing herself, as Leo bleeds out.

Cat drives the cab to the hospital, and he says goodbye to his son who calls in, in a sweet scene that tugs at the heart. He ends up living, and Cat tells him everyone gave blood to save him. Gregg invites her over, and they have a heart to heart, and Cat’s bad day seems to be getting a little better now.

Tune in next week for an all new episode of “Taxi Brooklyn!”


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