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His Cab. Her Cases.

brings back Chyler Leigh as witty and sharp Detective Cat Sullivan, in a pilot that partners a street-wise taxi driver, Leo Romba, played by Jackie Ido, with the determined detective as partners in crime solving. Cat is driven by the murder of her father, which drove her to become a cop herself. She now works under her godfather, Captain John Baker, who is determined to keep her out of trouble. Although that might seem typical for a crime show, “Taxi Brooklyn” offers new twists and colorful characters to a somewhat tired storyline.

The beginning of the episode sets the scene with shots of City, bringing us into an intense scene of Cat going undercover to find a suspect, as well as Leo being held by gun point in his own cab. We are drawn into the action as we watch his car crash, a scene that will also collide these two future partners. Cat sees the crash happen and arrests Leo, suspecting he had something to do with it.

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After Leo tries to win her over by flirting, which doesn’t work of course, and Cat handcuffs him to his own cab a few times, they figure out that if they work together, no matter what’s at stake, they may be able to solve the robbery case that she is working on faster. He offers to drive her around City for free for the next 48 hours, and thus begins their journey. Cat’s colleagues aren’t so sure about Leo, and rightfully so – he is a convected felon, and has been in jail before – for four years. After some convincing, and a moment where Cat arrests him again, which ends in a case of claustrophobia on Leo’s end, we figure out he might be more innocent than we think. As the episode goes on, we are introduced to other characters like Cat’s eccentric mother Frankie, who ends up hiding Leo in her bed when the police are looking for him, and Cat’s ex-husband, also a detective, Gregg, who is determined to win Cat’s closed off and broken heart back.

Finally, halfway through the episode, we find out more about Leo, giving us a reason to sympathize with the character. The audience is introduced to his son and the fact that he and Cat have more in common than we think – both of them have lost a loved one and are driven by that pain. This gives us a reason to like a character that we questioned up until this point. By the end of the episode, we are still left with some questions about both of these characters, giving us a reason to tune in next week.

Taxi Brooklyn started off action packed, and left us with a number of reasons to keep watching these characters as they go on their journey. It’s a new spin on the usual crime show drama, and a refreshing look into the lives of two unusual partners in City.


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