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Alright, here we go. The final episode of . Will Kat find out all about her mysterious father and his death? Will Leo and Kat stay together as partners? Will they become more (Oh, come on. You were all wondering it too.) Time will tell.

Leo’s son is with his mother (being watched by scary men!). They are on their way to New York City and he is worried that Leo won’t remember him. Turns out, someone is after Leo, and are following his ex and son to find out where he is.

Leo is also wondering if his son won’t remember him, much like his son was thinking of him. He is going to track the plane, which he is right to do so! Something fishy is happening.

What is Kat up to? No one knows, so the Captain sends Esposito to find out what’s going on.

Back at Leo’s, he Skypes with his family, and his ex-wife tells him that she broke it off with her current husband. There may be a rekindling of a relationship there. Speaking of that, Kat’s ex and his crazy ex come together again, much to his demise.

At the airport the men who are following Leo’s family get ordered to kill all three of them, because Leo “stole from them.”

I will admit, this is already the best episode of the season.

I don’t feel sorry for Kat’s ex at all. Okay maybe now I do, his crazy ex is dead in his bed after they slept together. Not good. Kat misses her chance to go after her father’s killers to go when it’s an emergency for her ex.

Back at Leo’s, he is making cupcakes and wanting his family back together.

Kat goes to her ex’s, and he tells her the story and shows her that now his ex is dead. Quite the conundrum. She was apparently strangled and has blood and skin tissue under her nails. He has scratches all over. Did he do it? Or is he being framed? Well she was pretty crazy. Who killed her?

While Leo is buying presents for his family, Kat calls the coroner, and she comes to check on the body. In real life, they would all be in so much trouble for this. But this is .

Leo sees Annabella Capella and Reese (Kat’s Reese). So he decides to find out what they are doing together. I am intrigued.

My favorite character is officially Leo’s roommate. He goes in since they don’t know who he is. The two culprits are talking about something being taken care of. What is it? And why is she transferring money to him? Oh, and his name is actually Tommy.

The Captain and Esposito are still looking for Kat, and Lou Capella has been murdered. They of course think it might be Kat. Kat believes that all of this is happening because of her situation.

Leo decides he has to go after Kat, and his roomie goes to get his family. No! Not his roommate!

And now, they are going after Kat’s mom! No one is safe.

Annabella is setting Kat up, someone is setting her ex up, and Leo is about to be killed by some men. What is happening?

Leo’s roommate gets stabbed (NO!), and his family kidnapped. Leo is running with Kat to see Annabella. Kat’s mom is on the boat with a bomb on it. Annabella is angry because Kat’s dad killed her grandfather.

Greg’s ex was apparently Annabella’s cousin. Leo tells her that they took his son, and Kat drops her gun. Greg gets shot and Leo’s roommate is left passed out too.

And that’s where we end! What did you think? Will you tune in when it returns?


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