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Before we begin tonight, can I start by saying I can’t believe the summer is almost over? It makes me sad that all these great shows are coming to an end, but also excited to see the fall premieres!

So let us know what you think of this season of  so far! In the meantime, let’s talk about this weeks episode.

This week we start out with Leo witnessing yet another crime – someone shoots a young lady on the street. Leo plays good cop and drives after the shooter. You think he would have learned by now that this isn’t a great idea.

The lady, who is a maid that Kat’s mom (who was convieniently driving with Leo) actually knows, ends up living. But someone was out to get her – and that’s the case of the week.

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Leo believes that she was into drugs. They argue, and her mom wonders how they get anything done – since they bicker like an old married couple. Kat’s mom has to provide a little mothering, telling them to stop their fighting. I am not sure if they are setting Leo and Kat up romantically, because at this point I see them strictly as friends. I don’t know if I would want them in a romantic relationship, and I kind of hope the show goes the way of them just being friends.

Back to the case – apparently the shooter called the resturant that this maid was at, and asked him to tell her to come outside to do something romantic for her. Quite the liar, the owner believed him, being soft at heart.

We find out that the Captain and Kat’s mother are still dating, they seem pretty happy with a lot of public display of affection. Kat’s not impressed.

I find it funny that they let all these people – Kat’s mom, Leo, are all allowed to participate in the investigation in the precinct. Is that even allowed?

Turns out Leo may have been right (although we are still early in on the episode), and our victim may have been involved in something illegal. Laundering money? Drugs?

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Meanwhile, Kat’s mom and the Captain had a great lunch – and her mom remembers something about the victim, and how when she took a somewhere else, she acted as if she had won the lottery, and she wonders if that was suspicious. She called and set up an interview at the precinct. Looks like Kat is getting help from all over. Apparently she had seemed nervous lately, and we get interrupted by a little girl talk.

Back to the dry cleaner, who sponsored our victim, he gets shot halfway through their interview with him. Looks like she was into more than they think. What I want to know is if this victim, who is alive, has anything to say.

Enter in the ex-husband again. Kat’s ex comes to help out.

Someone enters the hospital where the victim is, and looks suspicious. He has a gun and shoots at the fake body in the bed. They already moved the girl – and the gunman tries to get away by shooting everything. He escapes. We are all left to wonder what the heck just happened.

Kat and her ex are having a drink, and he tells her the orders for the FBI to back off came from the CIA. He gives her a present for the anniversary of their first date. It’s a sentimental gift from their time together – a necklace – and she is moved. He tries to keep her for dessert but she declines. Bad idea. But then she ends up saying yes, and wakes up in bed with him the next morning. Not good, especially since she has a boyfriend. She wants to pretend this never happened, naturally, and he seems pretty smitten.

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In this episode so far, I feel like these stories are burying the plot of the murder – but we aren’t done yet.

Apparently the victim was doing some spying – someone covering up their identity. Kat ends up finding out that the victim was a detective, and her parents were killed when she was younger. She became a detective to avenge her families murder (sound familiar?), which is what brought her to this point.

Kat ends up having to pull a favor from her ex. He gives them information on the case, and they end up finding out she was looking for something. Her brother was kidnapped – that’s who she was looking for. The adoptive parents were the ones who killed her parents, and since they couldn’t have kids, they killed the victims parents, and kidnapped her brother, which is why she was seeking revenge.

They were reunited, and we get a happy ending with closure. But will we ever get this for Kat? Time will tell. Let us know what you thought of tonight’s episode! 


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