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the-brinkTweetable Takeaway: Alex Talbot holds the fate of two countries in his opportunistic hands.

Airtime: Sunday at 10:30pm on HBO

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The Brink explores loyalty, punishment and a painfully infested penis in Baghdad My Ass.

Zeke dodges some big trouble with the Navy.

Zeke and Jammer, in the brig, have just enough time to contemplate a life behind bars when pregnant Gail Sweet visits to inform Zeke she is transferring to San Diego. Zeke claims he wants to help raise the child, but he needs her to infiltrate his quarters, before the MP’s, and flush his drug stash.

Zeke and Jammer have to testify to an incident board about the missile they fired, but Admiral Bride already has a story. They fired under proper rules of engagement, the missile dropped harmlessly into the sea, and there was never any drone. Zeke is a little slow to support the story, but he eventually understands and goes along with the cover up. The Captain has more good news; Zeke and Jammer’s drug test both came back negative. It appears they are both off the hook for now.


Zeke is anxious to charge his new lease on life. He calls Ashley and convinces her he is ready to leave the Navy, be a father to their kids, and move her to , something she’s been dreaming about for years. However, he needs her to send an extra large drug shipment for Zeke to raise their new-life seed money.

Sweet is open to Zeke being the father of their child, but she won’t allow him any type of custody if he continues dealing drugs, and she already flushed the stash he had in his quarters.

Talbot infiltrates the embassy to send a message to Larson and save Rafiq’s family.

General Raja keeps Talbot alive to send an important message to Walter Larson; basically a list of demands. Raja gets what he wants first, and then he’ll help Larson topple the Zaman regime. If Talbot fails, The General promises to execute him, and Rafiq’s family just for helping him send the fax.

Talbot goes to the only people he knows in Islamabad, but doesn’t tell them they are doomed if he fails. They help, but only because they do not wish to ever see him again. Rafiq’s uncle gives him some clothes to make him look more local. Talbot speeds off into the city. Rafiq goes to ensure Talbot gets to his embassy desk where he claims to have a direct line to Walter Larson.


Talbot’s desk is a rat’s nest of unfinished, unorganized, work. His peers circle like vultures; clearly he has no friends. Even Rafiq is about to leave him to his mess when Talbot discloses his family is also on the line if he fails. They dig through the crap until they find Larson’s number written on the cover of a Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Still, they need to use the secure line in Ambassador Kittredge’s office, but the religious fanatic won’t let them interfere with God’s plan by subverting the impending disaster. Rafiq charms Kittredge’s assistant, a much more open minded woman, into sneaking them into his office when he leaves for lunch, but they only have about five minutes to make contact with Larson who is deep into his own odyssey of pain.

Walter Larson’s Dick is splitting open…and not in a good way.

Larson hurries for his trip to India to deal with Prime Minister Rakesh and bursts in on his wife, Joanne getting porn-pounded by her young well hung, stud, Billy. Larson apologizes for the interruption, but Billy tells him he owes him a drink the next time he’s in town. Joanne heard her nomination is dead and plans on accepting the General Counsel position at the pentagon offered by Larson’s nemesis, Secretary of Defense, Pierce.

He doesn’t have time to argue and feels quick stabs of pain on his way to the airport. They are well into the flight to New Delhi when Larson is hobbled by pain. The flight’s doctor tells him he has kidney stones, but the pain in his penis is due to an infection. He needs to have a surgery as soon as possible. Larson is ready to turn the plane around when he gets the call from Talbot.


Talbot relays Raja’s ridiculous demands. $200 million; Larson says no problem. The man wants a Communications Intercept Satellite and Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine? This is tricky but still doable. It’s when he hears about Raja’s demands for a membership at Augusta National Golf Course that he really feels the walls closing in. He calls the President, losing confidence in Larson, and turns the plane back towards New Delhi.

Talbot has a chance to save his own ass from execution and a transfer to Baghdad where Kittredge plans on sending him, but will he ever score a date with Rafiq’s sister? His odds are improving.

General Raja is a sneaky man, but what is the plan?

“Baghdad My Ass,” ends with Raja and Zaman laughing about how they have tricked to the ignorant Americans into a compromising position. It’s unclear how much Raja told Zaman and how deep his loyalties really go. He may be sitting bench on both teams until a clear winner emerges.


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