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the-brinkTweetable Takeaway: Walter Larson’s bladder could explode before the Middle East and only Alex Talbot can deliver relief.

Airtime: Sunday at 10:30 on HBO

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In I’ll Never Be Batman, Zeke’s love life brings him down on The Brink .

Larson’s bladder hits critical mass as he lands in New Delhi.

The man is an incredible amount of pain from the urinary tract infection attacking his penis and the Secretary of Defense up his ass. Larson pushes through the extreme agony long enough to calm down India Foreign Minister Rakesh. He promises an economic sweetheart deal if Rakesh allows Larson enough time to execute the coup in Pakistan.

Larson empowers Talbot to make a deal with General Raja before he passes out or goes into surgery. Talbot can agree to the membership at Augusta National and the satellite, but not the ballistic missile Sub. He leaves the embassy with $80 million dollars to lube the deal.

Larson promises to stay in India as a human shield, which gives him time for his much needed surgery, but he discovers the President and Secretary of Defenses are going to use his surgery and recovery time to plan a joint strike with Israel.

Larson escapes the hospital and defies the President’s order to stay with Rakesh. He flies to Israel to stop Pierce and Talia from making a big mistake while he works the coup and a diplomatic solution.


Ambassador Kittredge’s goons nab Talbot on his way to stop the Apocalypse.

Kittredge will stop at nothing to derail Talbot. His goons get stuck in traffic; the revolution locks up the streets with drivers both for and against Zaman’s regime. Talbot escapes in the deadlocked chaos and sets a meeting with General Raja at the Rafiq home.

Rafiq’s family no longer welcomes Talbot, nothing good has ever come from it, but at this point, there lives are connected to his success. General Raja is surprised to hear Larson has managed to get him a membership at Augusta National, but when he asks if Larson mentioned the ballistic sub, Talbot lies and tells him the sub is also part of the deal. Raja leaves with the $80 million dollar down payment ready to overthrow Zaman.

Zeke sorts out his two-woman pickle.

Zeke knows he overextended himself with recent promises to Ashley and Gail. He tries to work a solution based on the Batman/Bruce Wayne dynamic where he maintains a double life and supports both families. Jammer talks through the logistics of the premise and the imminent failure of the duplicity.

Zeke flies a recon mission over Kashmir when heavy flak peppers them from below. His jet takes a hit and they bail out.

Who is holding Zeke and Jammer now?

Zeke and Jammer are captured, but we don’t know exactly who has him yet. No doubt, their recovery will be another bone for Larson and Pierce to fight over, and possibly an issue for Joanne, the new General Counsel at the DoD.

General Raja still has his hand to play. What is he going to do when he finds out there is no ballistic missile sub in his agreement with Larson?


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