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the-brinkTweetable Takeaway: Talbot deploys he own brand of Black ops to overthrow the Zaman regime and save Pakistan from a U.S. invasion.

Airtime: Sunday at 10:30pm on HBO

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Walter and Talbot score a huge victory against Gen. Zaman with Just a Little Crazy Talk. Even Pierce acknowledges the incredible results of his nemesis.

Zeke and Jammer get grounded from the flight of a lifetime.

Admiral McBride uses Kung-fu to keep Zeke and Jammer out of the air during Operation Infinite Wisdom. Zeke pleads his case to McBride but the Admiral considers him a disgrace and toxic to his . He won’t budge, Zeke’s as a pilot is virtually over. Jammer copes by breaking out some Blue Curacao he hides in a mouthwash bottle, they get bombed and switch to regular mouthwash as they plan their next move.

Steal the mail plane, fly to Zanzibar, sell the antique boner artifact, and buy a harem; the American dream.

Walter bounces back, moves quickly, and sells a new deal.


Walter contacts the new highest-ranking general in Zaman’s regime, Ahmed Ali. Ali informs Walter he has control of the embassy and their highest remaining diplomat, Talbot. He wants Walter to release the seven young student hostages. Walter won’t give him the girls, but he does promise to make Ali the new President of Pakistan if he overthrows Zaman before he launches another missile.

Ali is open to negotiation, but he has demands and needs to leverage support from Zaman’s other generals. Walter makes him the same promises he made Raja, plus two Giraffes for their national zoo and a promise to restart military aid to Pakistan. Walter commits to set up Ali’s administration and Ali vows to remove Zaman.

Walter speeds over to Joanne at the Pentagon to ask another favor. He needs to speak with Pierce and update him on his current diplomatic solution.

Rafiq discovers Fareeda and the girls are safe at his uncle’s cabin.

Rafiq thanks Talbot for blowing his escape egg to save Fareeda and the girls, even though he put them in the cross hairs to begin with. Talbot’s transfer to Paris is so close; only one more task to complete for Walter. He has to secure the gun hidden in Kittredge’s office and take it to the Zaman meet. If Ali fails to take control from Zaman, Talbot must execute the general.

Talbot is in no mood to execute anybody, so Rafiq buddyvates him into the zone, or as close as Talbot can get.

Joanne goes out on a limb for Walter again; there’s still something there for these two kids.

Joanne unhappy to see Walter burst into her new office. She works for the man he just sent to the hospital. Walter arrives with another big favor, he needs Joanne to convince Pierce to listen to Walter’s updated diplomatic machinations against the Zaman regime. At first, she’s hesitant, but she didn’t know Zaman was already firing up nukes. Joanne sets the huddle.

Pierce is furious to see Walter, and is skeptical that his new plan with General Ali will be successful. He fires Joanne on the spot.

Ali and Zaman attempt to arrest each other.


Ali makes a bold move to arrest Zaman, but Zaman still has the other generals on his side. They form up to arrest Ali. Rafiq translates for Talbot, plan “A” is failing and it’s time for him to execute Zaman. Talbot resists but eventually draws down on Zaman just as the field changes. Ali reads from Zaman’s psych-profile. The man is a gold mine of turbulent issues and freaky sexual troubles. The other generals turn and arrest Zaman. Talbot takes a series of selfies with the prisoner and sends them to Walter.

The pictures convince Pierce that Walter’s plan has succeeded, but he also recognizes the palace in the background as one of the targets about to be hit in the airstrike. He takes Walter with him to the situation room to call off the strike. The President agrees to cancel Operation Infinite Wisdom and congratulates Walter and his Black operative for taking down Zaman.

Zaman has another trick up his sleeve.

He might be crazy, but the guy can plan contingencies. Zaman has sent a lone, extremely loyal, fighter to nuke Israel. The jet hasn’t shown up on RADAR yet. The military analysts deduce the flight plan. It’s a seven-hour trip and the jet’s been in flight for  five hours. Israel is too far away to launch an intercept and the U.S. Navy task force has all jets in the air… almost all jets.

Zeke and Jammer, your country needs you.

They’re the last, terrible option. Smashed in pre-flight.


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