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the-brinkTweetable Takeaway: A surgical strike hits Zaman’s palace and obliterates Larson’s plan, his , and Talbot’s chances with Fareeda.

Airtime: Sunday at 10:30pm on HBO

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Seven female students are in a real Sticky Wicket and Talbot almost proves that weed is mightier than an airstrike on The Brink.

Zeke and Jammer almost fight their way out of a warlord camp.

The warlord demands Zeke meet his son in a fight to the death to save face among his men. Zeke knows if they are going to have any chance of walking out alive, he has to make the fight look good, but the warlord’s son has no athletic ability. Zeke lets him land a punch or two, but he’s a loose cannon.  Zeke lets one fly and knocks the boy out, further enraging the warlord.

With execution imminent, Interpol blitzes the compound, driving off the warlord and his men. Interpol has arrived to arrest Vanessa and Martin. Martin’s been arranging their surrender for months, by phone. Vanessa pulls a gun on Jammer in an attempt to gain leverage and escape, but Martin shoots her in the leg. Interpol rolls away with the four of them. Like Vanessa and Martin, Zeke can’t outrun justice and his waits right around the corner.


Walter Larson uses the old bloody urine trick to land in Geneva.

Larson has to fake a urinary emergency to convince his pilot to land in Geneva where he plans on having a clandestine huddle with Raja. Then, he has to charm some hotel intelligence out of Heidi, the hot front desk clerk at the hotel where Raja is registered. Finally he confronts Raja behind closed doors and wrestles him into a headlock. Raja reads off Larson’s resume of recent fuck-ups; shooting down a drone, losing a fighter jet, the promise of a ballistic submarine, and kidnapping seven young girls. These are the reasons why he ran off, Larson has no credibility.

Talbot and Rafiq brainstorm possible escape plans for the seven students.

Escape plans are best conjured while smoking weed and when they need it most, the smoke delivers. Talbot plans to sneak the girls out through a tunnel he uses to traffic weed to the Chinese Agricultural Attaché, Zhou. At first, Zhou isn’t interested in helping Talbot or the girls. He enjoys Talbot’s weed, but he doesn’t consider Talbot a friend or worthy the risk of losing his position in Pakistan.


Talbot lays out a very lucid diplomatic scenario that would benefit China and Zhou specifically. That, and he gives Zhou a super-joint to open his mind to the idea. Talbot’s diplomacy works and Zhou agrees to help smuggle the girls back to Pakistan where they can be reunited with their families. Rafiq is impressed by Talbot’s deal making and Fareeda is appreciative of his courage.

Larson convinces Raja to change his course of action and Talbot reverses his.

Larson persuades Raja to return to Pakistan and overthrow his lunatic brother, Zaman. Then, Larson will release the girls to him making Raja a Reagan-like national hero. Along with the $80 million dollars, the plan makes sense. Raja heads back to Pakistan.

Larson calls Talbot just as the girls are within a few meters of escaping into the tunnels. He informs Rafiq and Fareeda the need for the girls to stay at the embassy until the coup plays out. They are both disappointed that Talbot is willing to let Larson use the girls as diplomatic currency. Any points he had scored with Fareeda vanish. He pulls an alarm alerting the security and keeping the girls from their escape tunnel.


Zeke’s future is in peril, Raja’s future disappears altogether.

Gail Sweet calls Zeke’s Ex to report the good news; he has been rescued and will be safely on board soon. Then she expands the conversation and mentions her pregnancy, which Ashley knew nothing about. Raja executes a flawless coup. He removes his brother Zaman from power without firing a shot. As Raja’s men drive Zaman away, an airstrike destroys the palace. Raja is dead and Larson’s future dies with him.


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