{TB Talks TV} The Brink Review: “Swim, Shmuley, Swim”


the-brinkTweetable Takeaway: “Uncle creepy doesn’t give up.” Talbot grabs a hero moment with Fareeda and Ambassador Kittredge.

Airtime: Sunday at 10:30pm on HBO

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The Israeli Prime Minister rests the fate of his nation and Walter’s grand plan on a race between his grandchildren… so please, Swim, Shmuley, Swim!

Zeke and Jammer escape, capture, and repeat.

Last week, Zeke and Jammer bailed out over Kashmir and landed in a minefield. Jammer barely escaped death while running to embrace his beloved mentor, Zeke, but they are soon captured by a patrol. Jammer attempts a plea for mercy and aid with his captors, but they’re not receptive.

Zeke attacks while they’re busy laughing at his name and disarms them, freeing Jammer. They flee deep into the landscape, but Jammer doesn’t really know which direction they are headed. It’s extremely hot and they run out of water in a matter of hours. Exhaustion catches them and they pass out just as a truck crests the horizon.

Zeke and Jammer wake up in a posh desert lair hosted by a contentious couple. They are excited to have English-speaking guests, but can’t stand each other. Jammer feasts on the elaborate spread they prepare for the men, but Zeke wants to make a call for to the Navy for their extraction. The couple will not allow them to leave; they trade in high-end black market antiquities.

Walter Larson beats Pierce to Israel, circumvents Talia’s office, and scores a meet with the Prime Minister.

Talbot manages to relay a message to Larson over an unsecured line; Raja promises to overthrow the Zaman regime within 24 hours. With a second coup imminent, Rafiq’s family pulls together, but they haven’t been able to reach Fareeda at the school where she teaches. Talbot vows to rescue and return her safely.


Kendra, Walter Larson’s loyal assistant, yanks his catheter so he can meet Talia Levy, the foreign minister, with dignity. He arrives unannounced and blasts into her office. She doesn’t acknowledge his authority or appreciate his visit. Pierce is scheduled to meet with the Prime Minster to plan strikes against Zaman’s strategic sites.

Talbot and Rafiq find Fareeda’s school vandalized and abandoned. Fareeda remains in her classroom defiant against Zaman’s forces intent on oppressing women. Talbot takes an enthusiastic stance along side her, screaming insults at the absent forces. Fareeda is also hiding seven young female students she kept from the attackers, boarders with no relatives in the vicinity. She won’t leave them until she finds someplace safe for them to stay. Talbot seizes the moment and recommends they stay at the embassy where there is a school and accommodations. Rafiq reminds him that he is even more unwelcome there than the seven young students.


Avi, the Prime Minister of Israel, agrees to meet Larson. He’s spending time with his grandchildren, Aaron and Shmuley, at his pool. Avi agrees with his generals; Israel should attack sooner than later, but he gives Larson’s plan a chance: Aaron in the blue trunks vs. Shmuley in the white. If Shmuley wins, they give Larson a chance with his coup. If Aaron wins, they go along with Pierce and the attack. Aaron wins the race easily and Avi explains that he always wins. He was just messing with Walter and takes Larson’s request to his generals.

Talbot scores with  both Fareeda and Kittredge and his penis never touches anyone.

Rafiq agrees the embassy is their best option for now, but he has a really small car. Talbot crams the seven young girls in the back seat and suggests Fareeda sit on his lap in the front. Rafiq makes it clear that option is unacceptable, “There’s no way that your dick is touching my sister’s ass.” Talbot ends up sitting on, and temporarily paralyzing, Fareeda as they bump along the road to the embassy.


Talbot and Rafiq expect heavy resistance from Ambassador Kittredge. Instead, Kittredge welcomes the girls and gives Talbot a genuinely warm embrace while muttering something about how “it’s beginning.”

What is Kittredge so happy about?

It’s a little weird he’s so okay with all of this. Kittredge’s mutterings lead us to believe these girls are an indicator of the end of days. What are his plans now?

Pierce arrives in Tel Aviv just as Avi gives Larson a few hours to execute his coup. He provides Larson and Avi with surveillance photos of Raja fleeing with the $80 million dollars to an unknown location. The photos were taken just a few hours earlier in Germany. Avi rescinds his deal with Larson and makes new plans with Pierce.


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