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the-brinkTweetable Takeaway: Walter Larson has the fate of the world on his shoulders and the scent Joanne Larson on his lips.

Airtime: Sunday at 10:30 on HBO

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The first season of comes to an exciting conclusion with There Will Be Consequences.

Zeke and Jammer vs. the outlaw JF-17 Thunder.

Zeke and Jammer are the only crew available to intercept an outlaw Pak fighter headed to nuke Tel Aviv. Once again, they take to the skies completely hammered. On their flight to intercept, they pass a huge Pak refuel-jet, and then they spot the enemy fighter.

They have a fantastic dogfight; the Pak fighter has significant skills. Zeke fires off all his cannon rounds, but the Thunder escapes. Zeke switches to missiles, but the fighter evades as it gets closer to launching on Israel.

Walter Larson vs. The World.

Walter pleads with the Israelis to hold off hostile action while there is still a chance to shoot down the Pak fighter. The other regional partners all claim to have troubles with their jets and do not offer intercept support. Talia Levy informs Walter they have a submarine parked off the Pakistani coast ready to launch if the Thunder gets within 1000 miles of Israeli air space.


President Navarro fears the escalation of action and the White House staff evacuates to a secure location in Virginia. Walter stays behind to build a diplomatic solution and avoid another world war. He sends Kendra with the President and Pierce to keep communications open for updates.

Walter fires up the situation room and checks the table of foreign powers. The Russians are moving into Estonia, China sends tanks to Kashmir in support of Pakistan, and India is irate Walter is backing General Ali, a man who wants to destroy India as much as Zaman wants to destroy Israel. In the middle of all the jockeying, Joanne arrives to support Walter. In a brilliant turn of diplomacy, Walter runs the table and cuts communications to everyone.

Talbot negotiates with Zaman to recall his fighter.

Talbot calls on Rafiq’s uncle, Hassan, to educate him on how to get into Zaman’s head. Hassan’s only advice is that Zaman and Talbot have very similar psychological profiles. He does his best and, for a moment, they bond over their mother issues. Zaman asks to talk to his fighter on the phone, but he doesn’t recall him, he shouts, “You men are martyrs, death to Israel.” Then, he grabs the gun out of Talbot’s belt and shoots himself in the head. Hilarious!

Talbot and Rafiq flee the city.

Avi, the Israeli Prime Minister, calls back as Walter goes down on Joanne. He informs Walter the Pak fighter has crossed the 1000-mile line and their sub has launched a nuke against Islamabad.


Talbot and Rafiq leave the palace and try to clear the city on foot. Rafiq can handle the exercise, but Talbot isn’t in shape and cramps up. Rafiq stays with him, helping him hobble along. Talbot promises to take Rafiq with him to Paris if they survive. He deserves a real position, not just driving diplomats.

Zeke has one missile left. He takes his time, lines up the shot, waits for lock, and downs the outlaw Thunder. It’s a huge win. Almost.

Pakistan still has a nuke in the air.

Walter realizes Zaman used the word “men” before killing himself. There must be a second plane carrying a nuke. He connects with Zeke who confirms the tanker they passed is still flying towards Tel Aviv. It must have a nuke on board. Zeke and Jammer have one more plane to shoot down, but no more loaded weapons.

Zeke aims his F-18 at the Pak tanker and punches out just before impact. The enormous fuel ship explodes in the skies over East Africa. Now, the crisis is finally over.


The President and Pierce congratulate themselves on their courage and leadership in the face of crisis. Walter and Joanne are back in love. Zeke and Jammer end up in the Eritria, the home of Jammer’s stolen boner artifact.

The President asks Walter to stay on as a valuable member of his cabinet. Talbot gets the all clear from Walter and heads back to town with Rafiq, onward to their next adventure.

Hey what’s that pointy ting over there?

A local East African spots something dangerous looking in the wreckage of the downed Pak tanker. Local warlords arrive and load the nuke warhead into their little truck and drive off into The Brink’s next hilarious season.


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