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the-brinkTweetable Takeaway: Uncle Creepy makes the international news cycle and what is he doing with those seven student girls?

Airtime: Sunday at 10:30pm on HBO

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Seven female students get their Wi-Fi back and Tweet Tweet Tweet, until locked down in the embassy.

Zeke and Jammer bulk up for role-play.

Zeke and Jammer feast at the remote lair deep in tribal Pakistan while theirs hosts, Vanessa and Martin, slip into full on weirdness. Martin brags about the time he ate a tribesman. Zeke and Jammer search the main room when Martin and Vanessa step out to fetch dessert, but they don’t find anything to call the Navy on. Martin and Vanessa make a deal with them, they each get to make one phone call if they go along with a freaky little sexual role-play starring Zeke and Jammer as two conquistadors hot to rape Vanessa. Zeke doesn’t want to get involved but Jammer goes all in. Vanessa enjoys the game but Martin goes berserk and shoots Zeke in his conquistador breastplate with a flintlock.

He’s okay, but Vanessa is pissed at Martin and shoots him in the leg with a crossbow. The wound is bad, a real bleeder, Martin needs immediate help. Vanessa confesses they don’t really have . The whole group loads up in the SUV and races off to a local warlord’s camp, a man she pays for protection. They have a doctor who can help Martin, but the warlord’s son recognizes Zeke from the time Zeke took his AK-47 away and smashed his nose with it. Just when they almost saw a little daylight too.


Walter Larson begs Joanne to help him circumvent Pierce.

Walter is in Jerusalem when the President orders his return to Washington and leave the Pakistan situation to Pierce and the DoD. Joanne arrives soon after ready to start work with Pierce as the President looks for Walter’s replacement. Walter is hurt to see Joanne working for his nemesis, but she claims she is in a better position to influence Pierce from inside his camp. She has a more diplomatic approach than Walter’s. He pleads with Joanne to find out where Raja is staying so they can meet and get him back into the coup against Zaman.

Joanne turns him down at first, but he is persistent and promises to be nice to her sister. Eventually, she tells Walter, Raja is hiding in Geneva. He rushes his team to the airport, but his new flight crew is determined to take him straight to D.C. at the request of President Navarro.


Talbot takes seven young students under his protective wing in his frightening apartment.

Talbot lets the girls set up at his place while Kittredge decides where the girls fit into his whole end of days picture. It’s a nasty little place, but it has Wi-Fi, which the seven teens have gone without for the last 3 days. Fareeda is appreciative of his open generosity even if his motives may be slightly askew. Kittredge calls to see Talbot. At first, Fareeda thinks they are going to be kicked out. The reality is much worse. Kittredge explains a dream he had where he rides a seven-headed beast to heaven while the world ends below.

Kittredge believes those seven students are his key to heaven. He won’t allow them to leave the embassy until the end of days. Meanwhile, the girls are having the time of their life in the embassy commissary, one student prays to never leave. Talbot rushes in and explains Kittredge’s position/condition to Rafiq. The girls don’t want to cram back into the clown car and their escape is cut short by security. The security lead tells Talbot the whole building has been put into lock down – no one goes in and no one gets to leave.

Uncle Creepy has a role in the end of days.

It turns out; the building lock down is beyond Kittredge’s craziness. The order came straight from the President when Pakistan’s silence was broken by seven girls being held at the U.S. Embassy. Zaman vows to attack the embassy and free them from Uncle Creepy and all the deranged torture he’s inflicted on them.


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