{TB Talks TV} The Brink Review: “Who’s Grover Cleveland?”


the-brinkTweetable Takeaway: Gen. Zaman launches against Tel Aviv and Walter Larson launches against Pierce Grey.

Airtime: Sunday at 10:30pm on HBO

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Zaman remains in charge of Pakistan when the ill-planned U.S. Airstrike sends Raja up in a puff of smoke.

Zaman gets a clear mandate from his God to follow his bliss.

Zaman thinks it’s God’s will that he survived the airstrike and the coup. He brings his new war room together to brainstorm retaliation scenarios. General Zehri considers strikes against U.S. bases in the area and parading Raja’s corpse around to properly pose him as a martyr, but Zaman has his sites set on something more extravagant; he wants to launch against Tel Aviv. A target his generals are really not prepared to hit.


President Navarro goes all in with the military response.

Pierce commends the President on the strength of the strike even though they killed the wrong target. They’re sure the show of force was the prudent move. Walter argues all the downsides of destroying the bloodless coup he orchestrated. He urges them to make sure their next move is measured carefully.

President and Navarro already have their next plays lined up. First, evacuate the embassy in Pakistan, to include the seven schoolgirls. Walter pleas the case, they will be seen as hostages if flown away in a U.S. helicopter. Pierce doesn’t want them falling into Zaman’s hands and used as propaganda in the media. He orders them flown to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

Talbot and Rafiq are friends to the end and the end is near.

Rafiq is unforgiving of the danger Talbot has put his family and the young students in. He values his own political future more than the lives of the girls. Talbot is overwhelmed by the recent turn of events and promises the girls will be safe when Raja arrives to liberate them.


Kittredge updates them on the recent incineration of Raja and the plan to evacuate the girls to Afghanistan. Rafiq and Fareeda are outraged over the continued use of her students as diplomatic chips. Rafiq tells Talbot he never wants to see him again and Fareeda tells him to fuck off. Talbot declares his love for Rafiq and promises to help any way he can.

Zeke flies one of the fastest jets on the planet but he can’t evade a couple of pissed off women.

The Captain has a surprise for Zeke; he set up a teleconference with Zeke’s family. Ashley is on the screen and Gail Sweet is in the room, bad news all around. Gail and Ashley have spent some time reviewing the lies Zeke told them both and they are prepped to hit him over the head with them. Zeke knows they have him and makes a definitive decision. He tells Ashley he never stopped loving her and wants to move back in with her and the kids. He tells Gail Sweet it’s over except for the child support. Gail storms out. Ashley, still upset, tells him to sell the pills she sent him, make some decent cash, and then they’ll discuss a future relationship fix.

Zaman gives the launch order and all hell breaks loose.

It’s the big moment Zaman has been waiting for; he launches a nuke against Israel. A moment later the earth begins to shake. Zaman’s missile detonated underground. Zaman is pissed he can’t launch his missiles. He speeds over to the embassy to take control of the seven students.

The fact that he was willing to launch gives President Navarro the incentive to green light Operation Infinite Wisdom; a full military attack against Pakistan. Walter urges them to consider other options but when they give him the floor to discuss some, he can’t think of any. He leaves the situation room out of energy and ideas.


Zeke, Jammer, and the other pilots get word they’re going to be flying back to back strikes; at least 36 hours straight. They all want uppers and Zeke attempts to set special war prices, but no one has enough to pay. The Captain reminds him selling drugs is illegal and he should be more patriotic. Zeke ends up giving them away. Jammer knows he needed the money and surprises him with a secret he’s been holding onto. Jammer stole an artifact from Vanessa’s house. He promises to split the sale with Zeke, making him flush again.

The girls are on their way.

Zaman’s forces crash the gate ending the evacuation. The last chopper takes Kittredge and the seven students, but they refuse to take Rafiq. Talbot stays behind with him. The chopper doesn’t get too far before it begins having trouble. They have to decrease a lot of weight. Kittredge decides to drop the girls off.

Talbot bribed the pilots to leave the girls and Fareeda at her uncle’s estate. Now she feels bad for telling him to fuck off.

Walter is out and Talbot is in… deep shit.

Walter’s trusty assistant, Kendra, makes him get his shit together and return to the situation room. He storms in and tackles Pierce. The President forces Walter to resign and throws him out of the White House. His new plan; study Zaman’s therapy files and look for a way to derail him. He has Kendra place a call to Talbot, but he’s busy too.

Zaman’s forces capture Talbot and Rafiq before they can escape into the Chinese tunnel. Zaman wants the Ambassador, but he’s gone. The highest-ranking U.S. Official he can get his hands on is Talbot. He has no use for Rafiq.


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