{TB Talks TV} The Last Man On Earth Review: “Dunk The Skunk” / “Some Friggin’ Fat Guy”


Tweetable Takeaway: An outstanding cast saves one note jokes, but what is the longevity of the series? 

Airtime: Sunday at 9PM on Fox

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There’s a rule of threes in comedy. Jokes that are unintentionally stretched beyond their welcome tend to fall flat. With this week’s double dose of the show being very one note, it took the performances of the talented cast to keep the boat afloat.

Last week we left off with Phil wanting to have sex with Melissa, but having to stay faithful to Carol. We return to the same story. This could have worked as a great secondary plot, but it is pushed to the forefront. How many times do we have to watch Phil make creepy advances towards Melissa? Far too many.

The character of Phil had changed this week. Where Forte’s hilarious work as the withdrawn and subtle character has payed off in past weeks, it is nearly undone by a blunt reimagining of the character in the scripts from these episodes.

The second offering brought a redeeming light to the series, the introduction of Todd, played by the hilarious Mel Rodriguez. Having a new tension for Phil was necessary. He now has to swoon Melissa. He thankfully becomes redeemable again.

January Jones delivers an outstanding performance in a scene where she is introduced to Phil’s crew of various sports balls at the bar. It is here that the show finds its footing again. We get some depth into the thought process of the characters.

Over all, the series has good laughs, but is ultimately starting to feel hollow. With rumors that the next episode is going to change everything, I could only hope that there are enthralling plots that are introduced.

Now that I’m thinking about it, the series would have worked better as a movie. The dragged out jokes would have been concise, and there weren’t have been episodes that don’t feel complete. I love the cast and they are keeping me invested enough to continue. For their fantastic efforts and outstanding comedic timing and chemistry, I’m hoping that the script next week steps up to deliver a memorable and game changing episode of network comedy. They deserve it.




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