{TB Talks TV} The Last Man On Earth Review: “Moved To Tampa”


Tweetable Takeaway: Late in the season, the series manages to kick back with solid laughs. This is what we’ve been promised.

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There’s a fact that you can’t overlook about The Last Man On Earth; It is one of the smartest sex comedies ever created. This late in the season, the series has managed to prove that.  It has set up a scenario that puts the audience into Phil’s shoes, while making us laugh at his despair. This was possibly the first time since the premiere that the show was firing on all cylinders.

Despite the title of the series, the plot actually gets funnier as more people join. At first, Phil seemed desperate and creepy, but putting Todd into a similar situation makes him very redeemable. Let me back track. There is a new character that arrives. He is a buff African American man named Phil Miller. Yes, that’s right. He has the same exact name as Forte’s character. This reminded me of the originality of this series. Forte is literally replaced by a good looking guy that has the same name. Of course this new guy is a soldier that has helped with Habitat For Humanity.


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 Where characters were stuck in the same stereotypes in the middle of the season, this week gives them room to breathe. Melissa and Carol get to let loose. They have been the uptight characters for the whole season. Finally, we get to see them fall for the new guy. Splitting up Phil and Carol with the divorce is freeing for both the characters and the audience.

We finally get to see Todd go off the deep end. It turns out that he is human after all. When Melissa starts falling for the new guy, Todd starts going nuts. He finds himself in the same exact situation as Phil. Pairing the two up was a very smart idea. Seeing Todd on the same level gives him new depth.


On one level, we could ask about the back stories of the characters and who they have left behind in the past, but the series is not concerned with those details. I’ve been hung up on depth when the series has been leading up to a riotously funny payoff. The series has found its footing. It was a sex comedy in disguise.

 For the past couple weeks, there is no denying that the show could still be surprising. Every new twist and turn has been hilarious. Despite a couple of stagnant episodes near the beginning of the season, the season has picked back up. The promises are really starting to pay off.


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