{TB Talks TV} The Last Man On Earth Review: “Sweet Melissa”


Tweetable Takeaway: The series strikes back with a knockout episode that kept me laughing hard.  

Airtime: Sunday at 9pm on Fox

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We’re back for this week’s episode. I’ve been very curious to see if the introduction of January Jones would boost the series. We got a glimpse of her last week, and now it is clear to me that this show has been setting up a hilarious base to thrive off of. 

Right away, I’m laughing more than I have so far this season. With Phil regretting the fact that he settled on Carol at an unfortunate time, there’s a chance for Will Forte to deliver gut busting dry and sarcastic lines. This is Forte in top form. 

Now, here we are with Melissa coming into the picture. The series is very smart for not plotting the women against each other. It would have been easy and predictable for Carol to be jealous of the newcomer. Instead, it complicates the dynamics by making the viewer have feelings for every character. It no longer feels forced in any way. 

We are often hit over the head with payoffs when it comes to irony in sitcoms. However, there are layers to the irony here that hit hard. The comedy and drama is starting to mesh naturally again. With whip smart fast paced dialogue, this fourth episode introduces a new strength. The pace of the laughs has picked up for the better. 

Jones is the secret weapon that the show has been missing. She’s a catalyst that sends the relationship of Phil and Carol into new and hilarious territory. Having a third character that chimes in gives variety to the boundaries of the material. There were in fact Three Stooges in the classic comedy team. There’s a reason why having three Marx Brothers worked best…alright, you get it.  

This episode is the pay off to last week’s. If the relationship between Phil and Carol wasn’t drawn out last week, you wouldn’t be invested in a woman coming between them. It has indeed been worth it to keep up this far. There’s hope that there won’t have to be another episode that has to function as merely a set up. 

This episode is absolutely funnier than the last, and is well balanced. This was great proof that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the show. They pulled off a dynamic in a way that I didn’t expect.


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