{TB Talks TV} The League Review: “Breast Awareness Month”


Tweetable Takeaway: Breast Cancer isn’t funny, but that doesn’t stop The League from trying.
Airtime: Wednesday nights at 10pm on FXX

By: Jeff Iblings, Contributor


Oh, THE LEAGUE. Your ups and downs are so drastic I’m not even sure what to do with you any longer. You’re pushing me almost to the point of no return. Just like with It’s Always Sunny, I may very soon be at the breaking point where I’m no longer interested in what you have to show me anymore.

I’m beginning to feel more and more that the Brits have it right. Limited series with short runs seems to allow shows to remain fresh, unlike American ones that pile it on and on even when it’s no longer working. Just look at the American vs. the British Office. The American version chugged on well past its freshness date. It’s like watching a crappy football team try to run it up the middle over and over again expecting at least one of its attempts to be worthwhile. The problem is that it’s painful to watch, and I most likely will find another game to watch.

There’s something that happened in this episode that I find extremely frustrating, airing a season out of order. How do I know this episode was out of order? Last week Ruxin arrived back from Korea, this week he was magically back there as if he never returned. I’m no dummy, I picked up on this right away. All it would have taken was a brief bit of dialogue explaining that his boss sent him back and everything would have been fine. It wouldn’t have been pretty, but it would have worked. I don’t remember them even attempting to explain it away. I suppose looking for show logic in a potty humor comedy is pointless anyway, but come on!

The show has been using Kevin’s low sperm count as the starting point for a lot of the comedy in this season, and it’s getting a little old. This week we find Kevin once again in a doctor’s office getting his bits inspected, only this time Kevin shies away from the doctor’s touch when he mentions he has a boyfriend. It sets off a whole thing about Kevin thinking he has testicular cancer, and the misinterpretation of Kevin’s sexual orientation.

If this is all they have to build comedy around this season they are in a lot of trouble. It was funny when Ruxin’s son got his hand on the androlube, but now it seems like a crutch. There are so many talented comedic actors in this show that there’s no reason for them to keep returning to this unfulfilling well. I’m not sure if they’ve gotten lazy, run out of story, or with Nick Kroll away for stretches of time, have lost the dynamic that used to work so well. Unless they pull out something great by the end of the season, I think I may be done with this show. There’s just far too many great television shows out there that I needn’t waste my time on a cut-rate comedy.

This episode was also the breast cancer awareness episode. You will recognize it by the fact that Andre and Jennie are wearing pink, much like football players will in October. Jennie ends up getting free frozen yogurt when she wears a pink bandana and ribbon because people think she has breast cancer. It’s a trick she tries to use again to disastrous results.

Screen Grab

It played out just like I thought it would. Last week’s funny episode was followed by what should have been a funny episode falling flat on its face. We need more Nick Kroll soon to save this show from slowly circling the drain.


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