{TB Talks TV} The League Review: “EBDBBnB”


Tweetable Takeaway: Taco opens a bed and breakfast, while Pete struggles to keep his gluten allergy from Andre.

Airtime: Wednesday at 10pm on FXX
By: Jeff Iblings, Contributor

So as you can tell, I’m still stuck on Taco Standard Time, which is why this review is late (doubles at work may have also had something to do with it). This episode of THE LEAGUE brings back something I’ve been pining for … a song by Taco.

It’s crazy how little musical moments there have been in the last few seasons of The League. I really think the song Taco sang at Ellie’s birthday in the pilot episode of the show had a huge part in selling me on the humor of this fantasy football comedy. I’d never played fantasy football, so a lot of the jokes about that sort of thing fell flat with me, but that song was something I had never seen in a show before. Sure Flight of the Conchords had done something similar, but this was different. It was out of place in the world of the show, but somehow mysteriously worked. It featured prominently in the first few seasons, but then an amusing Taco song was few and far between.

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This episode features a great little song about Taco’s new business venture, the EBDB BnB (The Eskimo Brothers Database Bed and Breakfast). It’s basically a brothel, but his folksy song is incredibly amusing. It’s nice little brush strokes like these that The League has been missing as of late. Granted this return to musical form was not enough to save the episode, but it’s part of the many moving parts of a League episode that has been missing.

Another of the missing pieces of this season, Ruxin, is back. He’s always been a germaphobe and a clean freak, so finding a toothbrush resting on the toilet paper dispenser of the company bathroom has him all in a tizzy. It sets up a great little scene at the end of the episode with his boss played by Rob Riggle. I’ve said it before, when Ruxin is missing in action, the episodes seem to be missing something, and so it was good to have him back in the mix as well.

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The episode had moments of goodness in it, but those moments were few and could not support the weight of an uninteresting premise. Andre is always the butt of everyone’s jokes, but I think they’ve carried this to the absolute extreme. He’s basically dressed up in uglier and uglier sweaters, hats, and scarves every week. Now the jokes are about his foo foo wine bar and his gluten allergy. Throw Pete having a gluten allergy into the mix but not wanting Andre to know about it, and you have the set up for a big vomit scene joke.

I’m not sure what more they can do with this season, but the finale will definitely be about who will win their dead friends ocean front bungalow. I’m sure hijinks will ensue.


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