{TB Talks TV} The League Review: “Menage a Cinq / The Beach House”


Tweetable Takeaway: The League ends its season by going up in flames.
Airtime: Wednesday at 10pm on FXX

By: Jeff Iblings, Contributor

This season of is finally come to a close. If we were to tally this season up as wins and losses, I would say The League went 3 – 10 on the season, and that’s being generous. There were not a lot of redeeming qualities this year. If I were to equate season six to an actual football season, it would be the 1987 scab player season; there were moments of amusement, but mostly it was just sad.

Let me just make a little admission right away, I watched the final two episodes out of order. I didn’t do it on purpose, it’s just that when I found the time to finally watch them I accidentally started the wrong one first. It really didn’t matter in the end. You could skip episode 12 and wouldn’t miss a beat. I didn’t. Though I was sure wondering what they were going to do for a finale afterward.

At least we got the whole gang together for the last two episodes, it was the least they could do. I’m not sure when it happened, I guess I wasn’t paying attention in the past, but this season the entire joke seems to be on Andre. Everyone else treats him like he’s a closeted gay man, and then there are the outfits. When the show first started Andre just wore really douchey clothes, now they couldn’t even get any more flamboyant. Whenever the rest of the gang talks about women and sex, he’s always confused about what they mean, and usually has to admit he doesn’t have as much experience as he lets on. It’s almost like they use these digs at Andre to make up for any real substance in most of the season.

Episode 12 deals specifically with the disastrous grand opening of Menage A Cinq. We all knew the restaurant was going to be an enormous flop, so this joke was coming from a half season away. I was bored with the punch line when I first figured it out. The only interesting part of this episode was Pete dating a woman Andre has done plastic surgery on, and how he’s unable to look at her without constantly thinking about Andre.

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The finale take place almost entirely at their dead friend Ted’s beach house. In his will, who ever wins the league, wins the house, so everyone flies out for the final games, even Raffi. Of course this being The League, anything good that can happen will inevitably be ruined, cue Raffi. The show has always been about the gang pranking each other, and this finale is more of the same. It really is the ghost of Ted who inspires Kevin to prank the crew one last time for him from beyond the grave. Raffi just takes it way too far.

Andre wins the league and the house, but not before fate, or Shiva, or the writers pull the rug out from under him. A celebration with some fireworks combined with Raffi’s collection of flammable liquids for a prank lead to the destruction of the beach house. If I were to just say the finale fell flat I would be telling the truth, but this entire season was like some big boring Sisyphean task where after struggling to watch the entire season, I’m right back where I started.

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If you have stuck with the season all the way through like I have, I feel sorry for you. If you’ve also read all of my reviews, I can only say I’m sorry. I wish I had been able to find a lot of interesting things to write about this season, but the show had almost nothing to offer us. I’m throwing in the towel on The League. I give up. I’ve had enough. There are so many worthwhile shows I could be watching instead. I encourage you to do the same.


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