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Tweetable Takeaway: When a friends funeral gets in the way of their fantasy football draft, the gang finds a way to include him in one last draft.

Airtime:Wednesday at 10pm on FXX
By: Jeff Iblings, Contributor



It’s that time of year again, the NFL season starts tomorrow and another season of is back on the air. I’ve watched this show for the past five seasons, but I’ve never watched it and played fantasy football at the same time. This year I’m doing both.

Season six picks up where we left off last year. Jenny won the Shiva bowl and the league. Her husband Kevin came in last place and is this years Sacko. The winner of the Sacko usually has to do punishments meant to humiliate them. This year Jenny is doing such a great humiliating Kevin every day, the other guys decide to let him slide for now. Jenny’s constant ribbing has caused him to have nightmares, wet the bed, and have trouble becoming aroused. In short, he’s a mess and accuses Jenny of Sackual abuse.

This year Andre, usually the butt of everyone’s jokes, has an unshakable confidence that baffles the others. He actually makes fun of Kevin, and any insults coming his way just bounce right off of him. The gang starts calling him Teflondre.

Taco is … well, Taco. He’s always into something strange. If it isn’t 3 Penis Wine or running a food truck out of his van, it’s urban golf. He gets Pete and Ruxin to join him for a game of golf in the city. What could go wrong with that?

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The group gets together to come up with some new rules. Ted, who lives out of town, is hit by a car while crossing the street on foot while he facetimes them. He dies. Ted’s last words to the group were, “Kevin is the new Andre.” His death throws the draft in complete disarray, since they have to attend his funeral.

They figure out a way to attend Ted’s funeral and do their fantasy draft. Since Ted is Jewish, the Rabbi asks them to be Shomers or watchers over Ted’s body all night. It’s the perfect time to do one last draft with Ted.

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Is it disrespectful? Sure, but does the gang mind? No. Everything seems to be going well, until Ted’s parents show up. They quick hide the evidence of the draft. Taco accidently puts the draft board with everyone’s picks on it underneath Ted inside the coffin. No one can remember who drafted which players, so they have to get it back. Retrieving it becomes even more important when Ted’s parents tell them Ted left his house in Laguna Beach to whomever wins this year’s league.

The guys figure out a way to humiliate Andre and get the draft board out of the coffin at the same time. It means duping Andre into thinking they are all taking part in a flash mob at the funeral. Andre is told that Ted loved flash mobs, and his will said he wants one at his funeral. During the distraction of Andre making an ass of himself, they plan on liberating the draft board.

Everything goes haywire. Taco is busy getting in a round of golf in the cemetery. During the funeral, Jenny gets Kevin aroused talking about his draft picks and he ends up with rosterwood. They excuse themselves to get a little sex in during the funeral. Andre makes an ass of himself during his flash mob dance, but a shanked golf ball ends up smashing through the window and drilling the Rabbi in the head. Andre saves him, and continues on as teflondre.

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That leaves Ruxin, Pete, and Andre to try and sneak the coffin away posing as pallbearers to get the draft board. They break in on Kevin and Jenny having sex in the morgue, and somehow Taco ends up inside the coffin when Ted’s NFL friends take the coffin back to bury. Taco pops out of the coffin and startles everyone when he jumps out with the draft board.

Thoughts on “The League:”

–  The draft episodes are always the weakest of the entire season. They’re obligatory, and usually feel like a story is crammed into, and around a draft situation.

–  Like its fellow FXX show “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” “The League” shot its creative wad in the first 3 seasons, and has been hit or miss ever since. There’s usually at least 3 good episodes surrounded by a lot of filler. I hope this season is better than last.

–  From interviews with cast, it sounds like the show is outlined and then mostly improvised within the outline, much like “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” This makes for some classic one-liners, but may also be why the show can feel all over the place.

–  My first draft wasn’t nearly as dramatic as theirs, but there were some really hilarious picks (like Aaron Rodgers #1 overall).

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