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Tweetable Takeaway: It’s dark times ahead for Rosie and her family as the worst is brought out in everyone this week on The Slap.

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Tensions are mounting as the first season is winding down. This time, we’re focusing on Rosie, a woman who, so far, we don’t know much about. Sure, we know that she’s married to Gary, she’s a bit of a hippie and she’s the one who has been driving the lawsuit from the beginning. Other than that, though, we don’t really have a clear picture of who she is. Unfortunately, we still don’t get to see much of what’s going on with Rosie this episode, but we do peek behind the curtain of her marriage to Gary.

The episode begins with a flashback to when Gary and Rosie first meet at one of Gary’s art shows. After we see them in bed, we quickly move forward to the present. It’s been obvious for a long time that while no one on this show is perfect (or even vaguely happy), Gary and Rosie’s relationship is more strained than most. It’s Hugo’s first day of school and, of course, Rosie is concerned that it’s too much for him too soon after the incident. And, being the cunning viewers that we are, we know something’s about to go down. Well, it does. Gary and Rosie are called into school because of a particularly heinous tantrum thrown by Hugo that gets him tossed out of school. In the midst of being coddled, Hugo mentions that the funny man always lets him have candy. Who’s the funny man? Rocco’s dad – Harry. The same Harry whose slap has supposedly traumatized Hugo for the rest of his life.

This prompts Rosie to have a chat with Harry. She wants to drop the suit if he agrees to plead no contest. Of course, it’s too late for that now. Harry’s name has already been dragged through the dirt and now he’s out for blood. Later on, Rosie and Gary argue about her decision to undermine their case and they have a no holds barred argument that ends up cutting each of them to the bone. Gary goes out that night and meets a fellow artist in the exact same way he and Rosie met. They sleep together but his guilt forces him to get it together long enough to meet everyone else at court.

Rosie takes the stand and explains her side, which we’ve heard quite enough of over the last few weeks. She claims that Hugo is traumatized, that he’s irreversibly changed. It’s over the top but really hits home with the court after Harry’s lawyer goes after her character. Turns out Rosie breastfeeds Hugo even after she’s had a few drinks. Not only that but when he was an infant, she left him alone for a number of hours as a result of postpartum depression. Things don’t look great for her but much of the courtroom is moved to tears, including Harry.

Gary finally sees what this incident has been doing to his wife and decides to bring Richie and his photographs of the party into play, even though Richie has explicitly told them that he doesn’t want to get involved. He won’t be responsible for a man going to prison. Unfortunately for Rosie and Gary, Richie has decided to delete the incriminating evidence from his computer.

Although this series is so much about what people are really like underneath the veneer they present to the world, the show isn’t giving us much to work with. It’s easy to tell even from the pilot what these characters are like “when they’re at home” and we don’t get much of an explanation for why they are the way they are. The few exceptions we’ve seen so far have been backstory on Anouk (Uma Thurman) and a little bit of Connie’s history. The Slap is about how one incident can bring out the worst in people and tear friendships and even families apart. What we need to see now is a reason for them to stay together.

In the next and final episode of the season, Richie confesses to deleting the pictures but is still forced to take the stand, much to Harry’s dismay. We’ll get a verdict by the end of the episode but something tells me that whatever verdict is laid down won’t be satisfying. We knew it was coming to this but the journey here hasn’t been very interesting. Here’s hoping that next week is one killer finale.


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