{TB TALKS TV} TV Premieres of the Week (06.09.14)


What’s worse than missing the season premiere of your favorite show? Nothing. Well, global warming is pretty bad, too, but you get our meaning. Here at , we feel your pain and we’re here to save you the time and energy of keeping track of your TV schedule.

So, without further adieu, here’s what’s premiering this week (Monday-Sunday):


Major Crimes (TNT, 9:00pm)

The crime drama spin-off follows the major crimes division of the LAPD as they work to solve high-profile and particularly sensitive crimes, ultimately leading to the conviction of the guilty.

Season 3 premieres June 9, 2014


Murder in the First (TNT, 10:00pm)

The Steven Bochco detective drama stars Taye Diggs as a homicide detective who investigates two murders that seem to be linked to a Silicon Valley prodigy.

Season 1 premieres June 9, 2014



Pretty Little Liars (ABC , 8:00pm)

The teen drama follows four girls whose clique falls apart when the ring leader mysteriously disappears. A year later, they start receiving messages from the elusive “A” who threatens to expose their secrets.

Season 5 premieres June 10, 2014


Chasing Life (ABC , 9:00pm)

The drama follows the personal and professional obstacles faced by April Carver, a 24-year-old who discovers she has cancer, just as her life has begun to fall into place.

Season 1 premieres June 10, 2014


Royal Pains (USA, 9:00pm)

After a young doctor is fired from his prestigious hospital, his brother convinces him to start a concierge medical practice in the Hamptons to treat the rich and famous.

Season 6 premieres June 10, 2014



Suits (USA, 9:00pm)

A college dropout with a photographic memory is hired by a hot shot lawyer and, together, they con everyone into believing he passed the bar exam. After he starts to make a name for himself as a lawyer, questions start to be asked about his qualifications and his past.

Season 4 premieres June 11, 2014


Graceland (USA, 10:00pm)

A group of undercover agents from various law enforcement agencies live and work together in a Southern California beach house known as “Graceland.”

Season 2 premieres June 11, 2014


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