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under-the-domeTweetable Takeaway: I’m on the edge of my seat. And it’s because I’m about to get up and leave the room and never watch CBS again.

Airtime: Thursday 9 PM CBS

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Are we all following the plot here? Because, I am just barely. I feel like it’s not that complicated, either. But for some reason I’m finding it very difficult to understand. And I believe that reason is that I am so unattached to the characters and disinterested in the story that my brain literally rejects them.

From what I can gather, The Kinship wants the Dome to come down, and Hektor, the suddenly materializing new head of Aktaion, wants it to stay up. This is a little counter-intuitive. You’d think the aliens want their creation to stay strong and the humans want to bring it down. But I think The Kinship wants it to come down so they can go out and infect the world, and Hektor wants it to stay up so that the infection doesn’t leak. But the aliens were the ones who put the Dome up in the first place soooooo…. Why wouldn’t you just come to Earth and NOT imprison yourself in a Dome? That would be like NASA sending a manned mission to Mars in an impenetrable, immovable cage. Like… why?


Also, we have to assume our Chester’s Mill protagonists (those not under the influence of The Kinship) want the Dome to come down, so they can escape and go on to live their lives happily ever after… But their goal then is the same as the bad guys’. Who the heck are we supposed to root for?! WHAT IS GOING ON?!

And it’s not one of those things where, “people and their motivations aren’t as black and white as makes them out to be”–shows like The Sopranos, The Wire, and Breaking Bad took those old network sensibilities that good guys are good, and bad guys are bad and threw them out the window. This show is not doing the same, nor is it trying to. I think it’s just sloppy, sloppy writing.

Anyway, it was officially cancelled last week so, there’s that. We know the Dome is coming down in the finale next week, because the CBS Executive announced it. I’m on the edge of my seat. And it’s because I’m about to get up and leave the room and never watch CBS again.


Oh wait, I was supposed to recap some things that happened in last night’s episode. Well, the oxygen supply in the Dome is getting low so The Kinship decides to off a bunch of senior citizens, sending them willingly walking into a lake to their doom. Also, they are all wearing the same t-shirts, pants, and shoes. Like the flowing white drapes on Eva’s birth-bed, WHERE DID A TOWN THAT IS CUT OFF FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD SUDDENLY GET HUNDREDS OF THE SAME OUTFITS IN ALL DIFFERENT SIZES? And why do aliens care about synchronized outfits in the first place?!

I digress. When Sam and Junior try to send some toddlers into the lake, our heroes come and stop them. Christine is a good guy now because somehow when she was giving over her life force to the baby queen, and Julia interrupted the process, her normal self got knocked back into her.

Christine had put the baby Queen in a cocoon and an hour or so later it exploded from it with superhuman strength and speed. Later, it reveals itself to be a sleeker, sexier looking Eva, who throws Good Guy Christine against the Dome where she dissolves in some terrible special effects and presumably passes her energy over to the Queen.


On other fronts, Hektor murdered a doctor who disagreed with his plan to kill all the infected, Big Jim killed Hektor when he was about to kill Joe and Norrie, and Norrie shot up some soldier. Like a lot.

Anyway, this “Queen” who Barbie claims is his daughter looks to be the final big bad guy of the series. But who will take her out and who will she kill before it’s all over? Personally, I’m hoping all of them.


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