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under-the-domeTweetable Takeaway: Please let this be the final season.

Airtime: Thursday 9 PM CBS

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 The of need to have a Plan C, D, E, & F. Because nothing they’ve put forth this season is working.

It all feels like a big stall. Every new plot point seems like it stems from the ’ hands being tied to a plot device that doesn’t lend itself to an extended story: the Dome itself. What stories could you possibly tell in a third season about the same people stuck beneath an invisible force field over a small town? I can just picture a writer shrugging and saying “What were we supposed to do?” Everything seems ludicrous and contradictory, and none of it is exciting. This episode is no exception.

Predictably, we finally got the Barbie/Julia reunion we all knew was coming. Somehow The Resistance (all those not under the spell of Christine, aka Big Jim, Julia, Norrie, Joe, and Hunter) figured out that it’s emotion that can break the enchantment their fellow townspeople have come under. Can it get any cheesier? I was half expecting Joe and Norrie to bust out a Care Bear Stare on Barbie or Junior. Later it’s discovered that physical pain coupled with emotion is more efficient at breaking the spell. Why? Because what were the writer’s supposed to do? Come up with something that made sense?

However, this plot device did give us a half-entertaining scene of Big Jim and Julia electrocuting Barbie with jumper cables, resulting in Barbie escaping and kicking a dog in its face. So there’s that.

Eventually Barbie and Julia have each other at gunpoint, and she kisses him, and just like every other Disney tale, the magic kiss washes away the evil Barbie, bringing back the memory of that deep, meaningful love he and Julia shared for past three weeks after he murdered her husband.

But this is about take a turn for the Maury Povich, because Barbie’s now Eva’s baby daddy and he’s back with Julia! Barbie impregnated Eva the first time they had sex, which was a day ago if that, and she’s about to have the baby RIGHT NOW. Why? Because the Dome makes magical fast-growing fetuses apparently. What were the writer’s supposed to do? Follow the laws of the known universe instead of deviating drastically for the sake of easy storytelling?

The one saving grace: it’s at least entertaining getting to see Dean Norris’ Big Jim shank some red shirt punks like nobody’s business. Big Jim, the former main antagonist of the show, is fun to watch as he no longer has any regard for the lives of his fellow Chester’s Mill-ers (people who had elected him to councilman before all this started; guess he’s not exactly campaigning for votes anymore anyway).

And that’s about all worth talking about from this particular episode. Now I’d like you to recall a few weeks back when I complained about CBS providing a HUGE spoiler in an unnecessary “This season on Under the Dome” post-episode trailer. They seriously just one upped that one. SPOILERS AHEAD.

So, if you haven’t heard, CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler came out last week and said that (AGAIN, SPOILER ALERT) the Dome WILL come down at the end of this season. Not that I care at all whether it does or not, but WHY is the Entertainment chairman just announcing how the season ends? What is there to gain from this announcement besides letting the audience know exactly what’s coming and thus dissolving what little tension the creatives behind the show have provided?

Please let this be the final season.


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