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When we last left those trapped , there was a food shortage and a religious overload, emanating especially strongly from Big Jim and Lyle. We open on Big Jim shuffling through the census papers, trying to decide who lives and who dies. Rebecca – who has become quite ruthless and very unlikable – doesn’t care if it’s single mothers or their babies, if they aren’t pulling their weight, she’s pulling the plug. Big Jim’s not so sure but “maybe the Dome will guide me.” When did everyone on this show get to be so crazy? The Dome is not a sentient being, people! Anyway, the troubles of last week’s episode abound this week, too. Julia goes to Sam, asking him to side with her against Barbie and Big Jim if it comes to that, which I’m willing to bet it will.

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Drowning girl (aka Melanie Cross) still can’t remember anything. I don’t really see how this is important. In the big scheme of things, they are running out of food and resources, I think that would take precedence over some girl with amnesia. Anyway, more on that later. Crazy Rebecca is at a pig farm – because now, apparently, she’s a vet – and after a little piglet dies, extracts some of its blood in a vial. At the school, the kids (Joe, Norrie and Melanie) spill the beans to Barbie about the amnesia situation. After some microfiche investigating, they find out that Melanie Cross disappeared 25 years ago. They go to her old house, trying to jog her memory, which doesn’t work until she peels back some wallpaper and remembers pink stars falling. This is also where we get the first love triangle of the episode. Joe and Melanie commiserate about losing loved ones and then walk off holding hands, which upsets Norrie but not to eye-gouging levels…yet.

At the other investigation of the episode, Julia and Sam break in to Rebecca’s house and find books about pigs and blood slides – Dexter style – and immediately conclude that she’s at a pig farm. Of course! After a little more investigation, the duo find the farm with the dead piglet now has a dozen dead pigs. Again, in their typical Sherlock-ian way, they deduce that Big Jim and Rebecca are planning to spread a virus through the town. How, you ask? Well, at the town meeting that afternoon. Duh.

Meanwhile, we see that they’re pretty much spot on. Rebecca has been developing a virus that, before the dome dropped, had laid dormant in the town. This is a sign to Big Jim – the Dome wanted the swine flu activated. According to Rebecca, it’s not playing God, it’s Darwinian. Survival of the fittest. The virus should spread and take out a quarter of the town’s population and only the strongest will survive.

Looking after his own needs once again, Junior has released Lyle from jail and they head over to the barbershop where Lyle tells him that his mother used to send him postcards with drawings on them that correspond to the exact events that have happened since the dome fell. He also drops the bomb that she faked her suicide, thinking that when the dome came down, it would follow her and spare Junior. And here’s where Junior doesn’t ask the question on everyone’s minds: How did she know? Obviously, the postcards stopped once the dome came down but her journal also had pictures, so the fugitive and the rent-a-cop break into Sam’s cabin to find it.

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Barbie and friends take a walk in the woods and Melanie leads them to the exact spot they found the mini-dome. When she gets there, she has a flashback to when she, Lyle, Sam and Junior’s mom, Pauline, were there 20 odd years ago. They found a meteorite and when they all touched it, it cracked open, revealing the purple sparkly egg. Melanie picks it up and when they can’t convince her to put it back, one of them pushes her, knocking her into the meteorite, where she dies. After a little (literal) digging, Barbie uncovers a necklace with the monogram M.C., convincing them all that she really is Melanie, after all. The rest of us figured that out last week, keep up, guys. Now they’re suspicious of Sam. Wouldn’t he recognize his high school girlfriend when he saw her? Well, yeah, but he probably wasn’t expecting to see her 25 years later, unchanged. Especially after she died. Just saying.

Big Jim is clearly struggling with the onus put on him by himself and Rebecca, but he decides to put the virus in the drinking water at the town meeting. Before he can go through with it, though, the Amazing Julia and Super Sam swoop in to stop him. Turns out, though, that he doesn’t have the virus – Rebecca does and she’s going to put it in the holy water at church instead. That makes quite a statement, doesn’t it? But, when she hears the virus has mutated, she has a change of heart and leaves, just in time for Julia to accuse her and tackle her to the ground. When they’re both taken to jail, Big Jim realizes that Rebecca just used him, but she gives her best puppy dog eyes and all is forgiven. Watch out, though, Rebecca, because Big Jim could give you a run for your money crazy-wise. Big Jim does get this gem out before getting thrown in the clink – Barbie was the first one on board with the virus idea.

Back at Sam’s cabin, Junior and Lyle find the journal and Lyle finds what he was looking for – a page with a picture of a door on it and the numbers “1821” above. I’m guessing this is some way out of the dome but we don’t find out because Junior gets super aggressive, prompting Lyle to knock him out. It’s ok, though, because Barbie and the gang find him and he says he thinks Lyle killed Angie, which makes Melanie believe he killed her, too.

After a hard day’s work as amateur detectives, Julia and Sam retire to her house and share a touching moment. Barbie tries to interrupt, but Julia slams the door in his face. Sam considers this an opportune time to make his move…which Julia denies! Ouch. It’s probably a good thing, though, because we see Sam’s shoulder which has bloody scratches on it – Sam killed Angie! Kind of a shocker but, at this point, I’m kind of over the “who” of Angie’s murder and I’m more interested in the “why.”

This episode may as well have been last week’s episode for all the plot we got. The dome is there: check. They’re running out of food and resources: check. There’s some kind of mystery surrounding the drowning girl: check. We need to ramp up the action and tone down the melodrama. I’m still looking for more Dome drama and less of the same old same old.

Next week, it looks like the same song and dance that we’ve seen for the past few weeks and Sam seems to be on another killing spree – this time, it’s Junior. Pretty soon no one will be left…”Under the Dome.”


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