Team Ben Wheatley & Amy Jump Hope To Rebuild “High-Rise”


By: James Silverwolfe

and have joined the long in project HIGH-RISE, based on the book by JG Ballard. The plot of the book revolves around the affluent tenants of a tower block who are hell-bent on an orgy of destruction and take to action as cocktail parties degenerate into marauding attacks on ‘enemy’ floors and the once-luxurious amenities become an arena for technological mayhem, slowly reverting the rules of survival to the most base primal instincts of kill… or be killed. No word on how close ’s will keep to that basic conceit.

Jeremy Thomas and Gabriella Martinelli will produce.

Wheatley and Jump, who are married, have partnered on “Kill List” and “Sightseers” as director and writer/editor respectively. Their upcoming movie will be “A Field In England.”

Wheatley is repped by .

Source: Collider via Empire



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