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With our 5th annual Hit List now in the books, lets dive into some of the stats from the year and share a glimpse into the who’s, what’s and where’s that made up the best specs of 2014.

All next week we will be diving into and analyzing some of our 5 year stats, taking a look at the over 200+ writers and specs who made their first appearances on the Hit List, as well as a look at the reps, genres, and voters who made it all possible. So, keep an eye out for that fun adventure beginning next week!

By reading the below, we’re of course assuming you’ve already read THE HIT LIST 2014 and had a chance to look over THE HIT LIST 2014 – BY THE NUMBERS. If not, click those links and check them out, because they’re referenced below.

Now that you’ve had a chance to look over the 2014 Hit List, let us break a couple things down for you!


The Hit List 2014 was the first ever end of year “Best of” list in the film industry to feature a female writer in the top spot, with Kristina Lauren Anderson earning the position with her incredible script “Catherine the Great”. 

At the time of the list release, 32 of the projects were still available to be picked up. That means 63.6% of the projects on list are set up at a studio or production company. To those of you looking for a late season pick up, you have some pretty solid options this year!

The number of votes cast for the Hit List has gone up almost 40% since 2010! Even though we trimmed our voting panel this year, we still almost matched our highest turnout of voters!

This year, we had nearly 400 individuals cast their votes for their favorite specs of the year!

The (not so) great divide. In previous years we’ve seen significantly higher vote counts for our top script. 2014 had the lowest vote count for the #1 script on the list, but also featured the most individual scripts voted for ever, with 286 of the eligible 394 landing votes. That’s a whopping 73% receiving votes.

THE WRITERS (We counted all writing pairs as one writer… sorry guys and gals)

72 of the writers on the 2014 Hit List are first timers, having never before appeared on a previous Hit List. That makes 81.8% of the list freshman! Even crazier, this was the exact number last year as well!

11 of the writers on the 2014 Hit List were here a second time (appearing on a Hit List once before). That makes 12.5% of the list Sophomores!

4 of the writers on the 2014 Hit List were here a third time (appearing on the Hit List twice before). That makes 4.5% of the list Juniors!

1 of the writers on the 2014 Hit List was here a fourth time (Brian Duffield made his 4th appearance in 5 years), making him one of only two writers (Jonathan Stokes) to appear that many times.

5 of the writers on the 2014 Hit List were alums of our 2014 Launch Pad Competition, including the two who sold their scripts within weeks of announcing. Congrats guys!

36 of the writers on the 2014 Hit List made an appearance earlier on this year’s Young and Hungry List. 49 total writers on the 2014 Hit List have appeared on Young & Hungry Lists of the past.

14 writing teams had scripts on this year’s list. That’s 15.9% of the scripts! Only one of the 14 writing teams contained more than 2 writers.

This year saw the second completely unrepped writer make the list!

17 of this year’s writers are women, including the top spot, the first time ever a woman has been in a #1 position for a best of list. That’s 20% overall!


For the first time ever UTA has less than 10 projects on the list. They dropped to 9 this year.

CAA has taken over the title of most specs on all Hit Lists. This year their massive 17 specs (19%) on the list has brought them up to a whopping 69 total specs to wind up on the lists over the last five years. WME takes second with 65 projects and UTA is right behind with 64. This is the third time CAA has taken the top spot in a single year.

Verve has continued to climb with each passing year. They repped 15% of the list this year. They are still the only to show positive growth over ALL FIVE YEARS of the Hit List. Even more incredibly, Verve repped 40% of the top ten specs this year.

Tanya Cohen at Verve repped 7 writers on the 2014 Hit List, the most out of any individual agent. David Boxerbaum at Paradigm and Jon Cassir at CAA tied for second with 6.

There are two agencies who have a project on the Hit List for the first time this year!

12.5% of this year’s list have no agent representation.

6 projects are repped by an only.

14 of the projects on this list had only one agent, while 11 projects on the 2014 Hit List are currently without agents


92% of the list has a attached to represent the project. That’s 81 of the projects repped by 37 different companies.

No management company had more than 9 projects repped this year. Circle of Confusion and Madhouse Entertainment shared top honors for Companies with 9 projects a piece. Meanwhile, Industry came in second with 8 projects and Kaplan/Perrone and Energy each had 6. These top 5 companies repped 42% of the list.

Madhouse continues to hold the most repped projects for a management company throughout all the hit lists.

Industry Entertainment is the only management company to have more than one project in the top ten this year.

Adam Kolbrenner at Madhouse Entertainment repped 7 writers on the 2014 Hit List, the most out of any individual manager. Brooklyn Weaver at Energy Entertainment repped 6, Josh Goldenberg at Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment repped 5, and Ava Jamshidi at Industry Entertainment repped 4.

There were 9 new management companies to have specs make the list this year. Combined they repped 13.6% of this years list.

53 projects are repped by only one manager, while 10 projects are repped by management companies only.


16 of the 17 specs CAA has on the Hit List this year were paired up with a management company. This is the most of any . Meanwhile, Verve came in second with all 13 of their specs on the list this year being paired up with management companies.

8 of the 9 specs Circle of Confusion and Madhouse Entertainment had on the Hit List with were paired up with agents, matching the 8 of 8 Industry Entertainment paired up with.

As for companies, Verve teamed up with Industry Entertainment to represent 4 of the specs on this years Hit List, and they teamed up with Madhouse Entertainment represented 3.

When it comes to individuals, Tanya Cohen of Verve and David Boxerbaum of Paradigm partnered with the same managers the most. Cohen pairing with Sukee Chew of Hopscotch, Josh Goldenberg or Kaplan/Perrone and Stephen Crawford and Micah Klatzker of Industry twice. Meanwhile, Boxerbaum paired with Ashley Berns and Lawrence Mattis of Circle of Confusion twice.


Here are how the genres have broken down over the last 5 years –

22% Thrillers
15% Action
15% Drama
11% Sci-fi
18% Misc (made up of 12 different genres)

32% Thrillers
19% Drama
13% Action
8% Sci-fi
20% Misc (made up of 12 different genres)

25% Thrillers
19% Action
18% Drama
13% Sci-fi
5% Adventure
5% Misc (made up of 5 different genres)

19% Action
18% Thriller
11% Drama
7% Adventure
7% Sci-fi
19% Misc (made up of 7 different genres)

23% Action
23% Thriller
8% Adventure
6% Sci-fi
5% Drama
10% Misc (made of of 4 different genres)

The genres of horror, western, fantasy, romance, crime, supernatural, war, coming-of-age, biopic, historical, and mystery have never broken double digits on the list in any year.

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We hope you enjoyed the stats this year. Keep an eye out next week as we break down some big picture 5-year stats and analysis!


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