The 2014 Young & Hungry List: Meet the Writers – A Breakdown


Earlier today, we released our fourth annual Young & Hungry list, the best and brightest new primed to make their mark on the entertainment industry. And taking a look at the list, it’s become clearer than ever that today’s young are diversifying — in their output and in their career paths.

Last year, we wrote about the new trend for young to write for both film and television. The trend has undoubtedly continued. Of the 100 and teams on this year’s list, 38 write for television, and hardly any of them do so exclusively. As scripted television continues to expand both in prestige and in quantity (Cinemax, Bravo, and Land have all begun dipping their toes into scripted content in the last few years, to say nothing of digital providers), it provides numerous opportunities for young to break out and make a name for themselves, without necessarily limiting their career to only making television. And more and more filmmakers are turning to television, as well; witness, for example, Steven Soderbergh’s The Knick.

It’s also worth noting that while many Y&H go on to big things in film (check out our lookback posts for examples), last year was a particularly good one for . Three 2013 Y&H have since made inroads into television: sold a pilot to NBC; sold Extant to CBS, which went on to star Halle Berry, and recently earned a second season; and created True Detective, which needs no explanation. It’s understandable why today’s young are broadening their horizons.

And it’s not just where the are going that’s changing; this year’s also show remarkable diversity in where they’ve come from. On this year’s list there are four playwrights, two journalists, and two scientists. Writers have made their way onto the 2014 list after starting out (and in some cases, continuing as) advertisers, actors, comedians, novelists, and game designers. If ever there were evidence that there’s no one set path to success in screenwriting, it’s this year’s list.

Also promising is the diversity of the themselves. Of this year’s 117 total , 30 were women — the highest both by percentage and in absolute terms of any list so far. And tellingly, of the 10 and teams we highlighted in our 2013 lookback, three were women, meaning that women are both making it onto the Y&H list and continuing to grow in their careers. These are indicators that more women are making it into the industry — and, hopefully, that the numbers for next year’s list will be even higher.

These are the who will go on to big things, the ones whose names you’re going to know, in ten years or five years or even one year. And we’re not the only ones saying it; 2012 Y&H scribe , for instance, went on to make the Hit List, the Blood List, and the Black List in the same year. This year’s are similarly primed to take off. In the time since we finalized the 2014 list, four of our have set up new : the Nicholl Fellowship finalist Road to Oz from Josh Golden went to New Line, as did the spec North of Reno from  and , and just this week, signed on to co-write Modern Gothic for CBS, with Adam Karp.

And they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Among the other Y&H is , whose spec Catherine the Great generated major attention before selling to Atlas Entertainment. And at around the same time, Warner Bros. hired her to adapt the YA fantasy/romance Invisibility from authors Andrea Cremer and David Levithan.

Or there’s . He’s sold a spec (The Three Misfortunes of Gepetto) to Fox and 21 Laps, and now Seth Gordon is attached to direct. After that, Disney hired him to work on their Wind in the Willows adaptation Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and Reel FX tapped him for their take on The Nutcracker, with Dan Dubiecki producing.

With so many accomplishments already under their belts, it’s hard to believe these are going anywhere but up. We wish all this year’s Young & Hungry the best, and look forward to seeing what they come up with next.


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