The 5 New Shows We Can’t Wait To See, And The 5 We’re Going to Hate-Watch Regardless


Yesterday we gave you the five shows that we can’t wait to see returning to our DVRs this fall season… and those we already know we’re going to hate-watch against our better judgement.

Today, we’re looking at the most promising new shows on the , and those which are shaping up to be the most deliciously hate-watchable. What’s going to be the next Fargo, and what’s going to be the next American Story? Take a look below to find out, and leave a comment with a few hate-watch worthy shows of your own.


5.   (Nov. 8, Starz)


Thanks to films like Center Stage and Black Swan, we’ve been exposed to the brooding and bloody truth that waits just behind the curtain of the seemingly brittle and elegant world of  ballet. It’s that intrigue, along with the involvement of Breaking Bad writer/EP Moira Walley-Beckett, which has eagerly anticipating this new series from Starz.

4. (Nov. 20, Amazon Prime)

MAN IN HIGH croped

Based on the novel by Philip K Dick, Castle posits a chilling alternative history: what would life in the United States look like if the Nazis had won World War II? The pilot, released for Prime members in January, showed promise, with some stunning art direction helping to build a complicated world in a short amount of time. Now that we’re familiar with the premise, we’re looking forward to seeing where this series goes.

3.   (Sept. 29, FOX)

GRINDER CROPEDThough the sudden departure of veteran showrunner Greg Malins seemed to spell trouble for new legal comedy. But early buzz suggests the Fox series starring Rob Lowe and Fred Savage might be one of the seasons best new comedies. Lowe plays an actor who, well, has played a lawyer–which he thinks qualifies him to take over his family law firm. You had us at hel-‘Lowe’.


2.   (Nov. 20, Netflix)

jones CROPPEDJessica Jones, the second installment of the (minimum) four series deal between Marvel and Netflix, is shaping up to be the next great female superhero in a landscape sorely in need of a few. But between the success of last spring’s Daredevil series and the casting of Krysten Ritter in the lead, we’re expecting nothing short of awesomeness.

1.   (Sept. 22, ABC)

MUPPETS cropped

We all scratched our heads a bit when we first heard rumors that ABC was developing a prime time comedy around our beloved fuzzy friends. But the teasers, which reveal a show much more akin to 30 Rock than Eureka’s Castle, have us hopeful that The Muppets–rather than an expensive network stunt–is a series that’s here to stay.


5.   (Sept. 21, FOX)


The other Philip K Dick adaptation coming to this fall doesn’t have the same amount of positive buzz; rather, audiences are already pretty sour on this sci-fi series after rumors of early miscasting and trouble on set. But the love for the 2002 film is enough to keep us tuned in for at least a few episodes–assuming it stays on the air for that long.

4.   (2016, FOX)


The name Neil Gaiman is about the only redeeming feature of this supernatural series centered around Satan, who returns to earth to help an LA detective solve crimes. This time, the extremist religious groups creating petitions online demanding that the show not be broadcast may actually be on to something. Even so, we’ll watch a few episodes just to spite them.

3.   (Sept. 22, FOX)

SCREAM QUEENS CROPPEDScream Queens primarily landed on this list due to its creator: Ryan Murphy, whose American Story remains one of the most hate-watchable shows on . The campy tone already screams (that’s the sort of punny humor you can expect from the show, by the way) hate-watch. That said, the cast is compelling, so we’re hoping for some semblance of a to keep us tuned in.

2.   (Sept. 21, NBC)


We would love to get a glimpse at the P&A budget sheets from NBC for their attempt to replicate the success of The Blacklist. This show–about a woman whose tattoos are clues to her amnesia, or crimes, or something (“She’s found NAKED, you guys!”) is being forced down our throats through a blistering campaign of billboards, magazine ads, and podcast spots. Enough, NBC. We’ll watch it just to get you to ease up on the marketing blitz.

1.  (Oct 26., CBS)


There was plenty of hope for Greg Berlanti’s latest DC comics series, but justified trepidation when it was announced that CBS would be the home of Supergirl. After the pilot leaked last spring, some of the fans’ fears were realized, as Supergirl seemed to be an overly earnest yet deceptively cynical attempt for CBS to reach a younger demo, rather than a genuine effort to establish a new female-driven superhero. But we’re willing to give it time to grow–at least until Jessica Jones premieres in November.


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