“The Accountant” Sequel in the Works as Ben Affleck Finds His Own Brainy “Bourne” Franchise


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’s thriller THE ACCOUNTANT was one of last year’s most pleasant surprises, in that it was an action movie with a brain and a family drama with heart, all at once. And though I think the film ended on a perfect note, a sequel is now in the works at Warner Bros., which also comes as a pleasant surprise if the studio is indeed considering turning this into a Brainy “Bourne”-type franchise.

Affleck isn’t the only one coming back, as director Gavin O’Connor and scribe are also making deals to return along with producers  and .

The Accountant stars Affleck as a mild-mannered numbers-cruncher with high-functioning autism who moonlights as an assassin, drawing the attention of Treasury Department. The film was a solid hit for Warner Bros., grossing $155 million worldwide on a relatively modest budget of $44 million.

It’s unclear who else would return for the sequel besides Affleck, but Jon Bernthal would seem a likely candidate given what we learned about his character in the first film, as well as the performer who plays Smiley Face. That’s right, folks! No spoilers here.

The sequel keeps Warner Bros. in business with Affleck, who plays Batman in the studio’s DC movie universe, which includes Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s upcoming Justice League and a solo Batmovie from director Matt Reeves. Affleck also directed the studio’s period movies Argo, which won Best Picture, and Live by Night, which did not.

Affleck and O’Connor are represented by , while and rep Dubuque. News of The Accountant sequel was first reported by Deadline.

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