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Brendan Fraser is a creepy character on .  He plays a prison guard named John Gunther, a man who apparently haunted and is still haunting Noah (Dominic West).  It’s funny because while I should have been focused on how creepy he was, I kept thinking to myself: Is that Brendan Fraser? There was something so subtlely familiar about him, and I kept battling with myself as to whether that was him or not.  The guy from Encino Man? Tarzan?  Is that him?  He is unrecognizable.  He has gained some weight, his eyes look rounder, his hair is really funky, and most of all, his voice sounds so different.  Every now and then that famous cadence creeps in, but boy, it sure is hard to tell that’s Brendan Fraser. AnyTwho – he is creepy.  And he is scaring the be-jesus out of Noah.

In last week’s episode, we are left seeing Noah suffer on his kitchen floor with a punctured wound to his throat.  No one is seen doing it.  We just see a spotlight on Noah and then bam!  Blood spouts of his neck, and he’s sprawled out on the floor.  This episode makes it seem as though Gunther is the one responsible, but I highly doubt that. Well, he may be psychologically responsible for what happened, but I just don’t believe that Gunther, out of nowhere, entered Noah’s apartment and stabbed him in the neck. Is he Batman or something?  “The Affair” has no supernatural element, and I am sure they aren’t introducing that now.  This is a case of a man who was abused in who knows how many ways in a prison, and those abuses have emotionally, psychologically and now physically followed him outside those prison walls.  Now, that is very real.  No supernatural theme needs to be added to believe that storyline.

Gunther introduces himself to Noah in the same way that any predator does.  He is kind (for no reason); offers a gift (for no reason); and then exerts his power (out of nowhere).  Noah accepts the strange kindness and gift because, well, he is in prison.  What other choice does he have?  Also, having as many friends in that place is always a good thing, and to have a prison guard friend?  Priceless.  You can see on Noah’s face that even when he first meets Gunther, he is leery.  Why is this man being so nice to me? Why is he giving me a typewriter as a gift?  It’s all very weird, and the weirdness is completely realized when Gunther slams Noah into a desk, adamant on taking Alison’s (Ruth Wilson) picture from his cell. What the hell? There must be some connection that Gunther has to him and Alison.  He can’t just be some guy randomly  obsessed with Noah.  No storyline is ever that simple.  Showtime, don’t let me down!

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In other news, Juliette (Irene Jacob) has a story of her own.  She is the one who discovers Noah lying on his kitchen floor suffering from a stab wound.  Keep in mind that he was just at her home for a dinner party.  He abruptly left before he hooked up with her.  I assume that she went over to his place (wait…how did she even know where he lived?) because she wanted to understand why he left so fast. Because of her thirst, she ends up saving his life.  I think this is the only time in history when a person’s thirst trapness does some good for both parties.

This French Juliette is being call Noah’s new love interest.  Au contraire.  I think she’s benefitting from just being around.  Noah isn’t interested in her.  If he was, then he would have had sex with Juliette at her home the night of the dinner party.  Noah is the type of man who knows what he wants, and when he knows, he acts upon it.  He’s just not that into Juliette.  However, she did save his life.  He goes over to her home to thank her and ends up sleeping over there, and you guessed it.  They did it.  But to call her his new love interest demeans the understanding of those two words.  “Juliette and Noah” is just circumstantial.  Maybe Juliette knows this, and she is OK with it.  I am borrowing this from a favorite comedy of mine called Insecure where the main character says that her lover was “just an itch she needed to scratch.”  That’s Noah to Juliette.

These two is no Romeo and Juliet.  They are bonded by a traumatic experience.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Juliette has more of a connection to this whole web down the line.  She is really into Noah, and I really don’t understand why.  The thirst is real.  I’d like to know its origins ASAP.


Season 3, Episode 3 (S03E03)
The Affair airs Sunday at 9PM on Showtime

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