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I just finished reviewing HBO’s “Divorce”, and although that show is categorized as a comedy, I am now re-thinking whether it should be a drama.  Showtime’s  shows that the remnants of divorce are characteristically dramatic.

Alison (Ruth Wilson) is being haunted by Noah (Dominic West).  Not only does he show up at the end of this episode, but every decision she’s made since she met him has been turned upside down.  She divorces Cole (Joshua Jackson) only to find out that she may still be in love with him.  She ends up estranged from Noah because he admitted to killing Cole’s brother.  She has to temporarily give up her daughter because she was falling down a rabbit hole. And now, Cole’s wife, Luisa (Catalina Moreno), is taking the reins on what should happen with her own daughter.  The affair she had with Noah ruined everyone’s life, including hers.  Charlamagne tha God says that “nothing good can ever come from wifing up your side chick.”  This seems to be true in this case.

Although things have taken a sharp and depressing turn for Alison, she sees some light at the end of the tunnel.  In one of the last scenes, she gives a small smile while looking out onto the ocean.  I think there is only one reason why she is smiling that way: she is on the road to getting what she wants.

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It turns out that Cole is still in love with Alison.  She and he have sex, and for them both, it is glorious.  He is also very supportive of her rebuilding a relationship with their daughter, Joanie.  These two look like they could make it work again.  How can two people get back together after an affair, a murder trial, a mental breakdown, and a recent knowing that they have a 4-year old child?  Adults.  Things happen in life, and forgiveness and understanding are the best things you acquire as you get older.  Neither Alison nor Cole are bad people.  They are just people.  And like everything else in the world, people evolve.  If these two end up together, it doesn’t mean that what Alison didn’t wasn’t trifling.  It just means that Cole would be willing to give her another chance.  He is utterly and completely still in love with her, and you can’t just turn that off.  This is what Alison is smiling about.  Her old life could return.

Cole’s encouragement of Alison rebuilding a relationship with Joanie causes some conflict between Cole and Luisa.  Luisa claims that she is trying to make Montauk her home, and being the primary woman figure for Joanie is a part of that goal.  She claims that she interferes with Alison getting close to her daughter because she doesn’t want Joanie hurt again.  Yes, all claims.  What Luisa fails to realize is that Alison is Joanie’s mother.  Luisa has no right to make executive decisions at all when it comes to Alison and Cole’s child.  She should only be supportive of what Cole wants.  Instead, she injects herself into Alison and Joanie’s relationship as if knows best.  What kind of person does this?

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What I know for sure is that parents do the best they can.  I may have heard that from Iyanla Vanzant when she appeared on the Oprah show.  It is so true.  Joanie has not been ruined by her mother’s need to get herself well.  It was 6 months of her taking a break from life’s nuttiness and returning with all of her marbles, which she accomplished.  Joanie is a child, and at that age, not only are they very forgiving but they desire a strong relationship with their parents.  Luisa better watch out because if Cole and her are still together, Joanie will end up despising her for getting in the way of her and her mother.

What Luisa should be worried about is her husband and Alison.  It seems like Alison is a home-wrecker, but I think it’s a little more complicated than that.  I think that she is the equivalent of the flame to a moth.  She is strikingly beautiful.  And her energy just draws you in.  She is one of those women that men flock around.  And it’s effortless.  She’s aware of her power, and she uses it to her advantage every time.  This does not make her a bad person.  It is unfortunate that she uses it with married men because several people get hurt.

From Cole and Alison’s perspective, they are both still in love with each other.  They both want to co-parent as effectively as they possibly can.  With Noah returning to Montauk presumably to see Alison, he could shake things up a bit – in a bad way.  But that’s Alison’s magnetic energy.  People just always seem to make their way back to her.

Season 3, Episode 4 (S03E04)
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